• 7th Grade Social Studies:

    1. Overview: Greek influence on the American Government

    2. Time: 25 minutes

    3. Explanation: You will be asked to head to canvas. Then click on modules. Click on distance learning and the assignment is labeled Day 1-March 17th. Please click on the link for the word document. Please read the article, annotate, and then in the text box provided right down 3 ways the Greeks influenced the American government.

    4. Things to know: You will be asked to write in the textbox for the assignment, or upload a word document through the canvas assignment. It is not graded. I will not ask to see your annotations (although you should be doing them!!)

    5. Tasks: Read the article. Annotate. Write down three ways the Greeks influenced the American government system from the article. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS UNDER THE MODULE DISTANCE LEARNING IN CANVAS! :)

    6. Links:



    Sending peace, love, and good vibes.