Overview -  Theme Practice (use work sheet labaled 3A from class on Thursday).  There is an additonal copy on Canvas in our Reading Module.

    Estimated Time - 30 min.

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment - You are going to practice identifying theme.  You can/should refer to the "Determinig Theme" PowerPoint you used on Day 1 and 2 to complete your IReady Theme packet. This PowerPoint will help you refresh your memory on how we can use specific words/phrases to help us determine the reoccuring message or the theme. 

    To complete this worksheet, you will read different paragraphs.  Then, you will need to select one of the three words listed below that BEST describes the Theme or reoccuring message.  Finally, once you have selected which word best describes the theme, you need to go back into the text and underline 2 examples that support the word you chose.

    Quick things to know - There is a digital copy of this worksheet on my Canvas page.  Go to the Reading Module, scroll down to Ready Lessons, and a copy will be under the Determining Theme module titled "Theme Practice 3A and 3B".  

    • If you use the digital version, write your answers on a separate sheet of lined paper.  

    Tasks - Complete "Identifying Theme" worksheet 3A.

    Links/Activites - Canvas Link:



    READING 9:

    Overview - Complete additional Theme lesson on IReady

    Estimated Time - 30 minutes 

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment - Students will need their laptops to log onto IReady to complete a teacher added theme lesson. 

    Quick things to know -  Students should try their best on these IReady lessons. These lessons help to practice and maintain the skills taught in the classroom.

    • I will be checking everyone's progress to make sure everyone is understanding the review content posted.

    Tasks - Complete "Theme" lesson on IReady

    Links/Activites - Canvas Link