• ELA-A (Periods 3, 4, and 5)



    Students will continue the routine of their weekly self-generative writing.

    Students will review the functions of a comma in writing.


    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes


    Students will begin keeping a journal of this unprecedented time in their lives.  They should write for 5-10 minutes each day about their experiences with social distancing.

    Students will work through the ELA-A Distance Learning Day 3 Module on their class's Canvas Page.  This is a 20 minute formative assessment of comma usage.

    3 Quick Things to Know:  

    1.  Writers react to the world around them and reflect on their experiences.
    2.  Writers follow agreed upon rules in order to communicate.
    3.  Writers review their writing to reflect correct grammar usage.



    • Download the word document template for your journal entries and save it to your ELA-A Folder on One Drive.  Type a daily journal entry for today, Thursday March 19th. You will journal every day in this document. You will submit your word document to Canvas on Monday 3/23.
    • Log into your No Red Ink Account and complete the assigned quiz on commas.
    • Complete the reflection assignment by summarizing your understanding of comma usage since reviewing this skills for the past 3 days.  For every word you use, give yourself 10 cents.  Try to make a $2.00 summary of the content reviewed.


    ELA-B (Periods 6 and 7)

    Overview: Reader Response

    o Estimated Time: 30 minutes

    o Explanation of Activity/Assignment

    Respond in writing about a realization that you've made while reading

    o Quick things to know

    • Consider something that the author wants you to know (but is not telling you directly).  In other words, the author is showing you but not telling you. 

    o Tasks

    • In a thorough paragraph, write about how a few pieces of textual evidence enabled you to draw a conclusion about a character, a plot event, or a future event.  Consider the Book/Head/Heart framework as you respond to the question: What does the author want me to know?  Use specific examples in your response. 

    o Links/Activities

    • Submission to be made on Canvas