Daily Expectations for Students: Macro block hours are from 9:30 to 12:00. 1st Block will meet on Monday's and Wednesday's. 3rd Block will meet on Tuesday's and Thursday's.

    Asynchronous Learning will be from 9:30 to 11. This time is to be used for students to complete work that will be assigned through Canvas. All work must be uploaded and submitted into Canvas prior to 11:00 am of the day we meet. Synchronous Instruction will be through Teams from 11:00 to 12:00 each meeting day. During this time we will be running a Virtual Classroom where I will be leading students through the Modules, and the assignments that have been submitted.


    Office Hours: In addition to being in the Virtual Classroom, students may make appointments with me via email, text, or phone call, and I am available for extra help both Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, and weekends are an option as well.

    Classroom Tools:               

     CANVAS- Link to Canvas for classwork

    Microsoft Teams. Invitations will be emailed to each student for each Classroom meeting in the virtual classroom. It is very important for students to be checking their e mails daily for any updates



    College Board: Use this link to access all materials, and exam information provided by College Board.


    Exam Prep Resource: Before activating students will need the following access code: mhapmspk299. 


    Method of Communication: Students should check their email for new office hours. Students can also e mail me at anytime. 

    Parents and students may also call or text me at the following number: 215 421 3393. Please know I am here to support you, and we will get through this together.