• 4/20

    This week you will use the Seesaw activity to brainstorm your TED TAlk idea.

    If you need it, here is the organizer: TED TAlk phase 1 worksheet




    This week you are working on the TED Talks kickoff.  Below is te template if you need it.

    TED Talks Kickoff Phase Organizer.pdf




    Here are a variety of activities for you to work on from home.  Keep track of what you do by keeping notes or a journal.

    I realize there is little you can do regarding your Change Maker projects or the robots.

    The activities below are ones I chose because they challenge you, allow you to be creative, or help you learn more about you.  The first one connects to the Change Maker project, but on an individual or family level.

    Change Maker Take the Initiative


    These packets are about colonizing Mars.  They are designed to be challenging, but fun.  The first is an introduction to colonizing Mars and some plans on how to do it.  The second lets you explore the myths and facts about traveling to Mars.  The third requires you to learn about Mars to allow you to develop a creature that could live there.

    Mars Intro

    Mars Myths and Facts 

    Mars Creature


    A few of you had asked about a problem solving packet.  Here it is.

    Problem Solving packet