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    Subject Area

    Lessons for Day 1- 1st Grade, March 17



    Please refer to your math teacher website.


    Language Arts (Writing)


    Estimated Time:  60 minutes


    Overview:  Work on SIGHT WORDS ~ the spelling and the recall of the words, Write your Opinion


    Assignment: Write these words: a, in, to, of, and

    You can make flash cards or write your words in rainbow color.

    Pick three words.  Write a sentence for those words.


    Opinion- Write 2 or more complete sentences about your favorite game to play outside in your journal. (Restate giving your opinion and give 1-2 reasons)


    Online Resource:  Check out Seesaw for an assignment to complete as well



    Estimated Time:  45 – 60 minutes


    Overview:  Read a story using your reading strategy: make a prediction.  You will be implementing your decoding skills and applying your reading strategy, as good readers do.



    Pick a story to read at home.  Make a prediction before you read.  Think about your prediction as you read.  Do you think your prediction will happen?  Write a sentence about your prediction and draw a picture.

    When you come to an unknown word, code it, read it sound for sound, and then the fast way. (SOAR Procedure)


    Online Resources:  

    Scholastic Learn at Home https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html?promo_code=6294&eml=CM/smd/20200312//txtl/sm/ed&linkId=84269747



    Social Studies/Science




    Please refer to your homeroom class website.





    Look for assignments from your Art, Library, Music, QUEST and Physical Education Teachers too 😊