• 6/5/20  Guidance Lesson

    Dear Parents: 

    This week's lesson is a bonus lesson.  I know that we have field day today so it is not a required lesson.  I did, however, want to include information that might be helpful during this time. Respecting diversity is such an important concept.  By respecting our differences, we can become better citizens and strengthen our community.  Please enjoy the PowerPoint.


    Respecting Diversity




    5/29/20 Guidance Lesson

    Dear Parents: 

    This week, there are two choices.  The first choice is a PowerPoint and You Tube reading of  the book, The Invisible Boy.  It is a story about a boy that no one seems to notice and how we can all do a better job of including others.  The second choice is a PowerPoint that includes the reading of the book, I Can’t Believe You Said That This story is about using a social filter when deciding what to say.  It teaches social skills to students who may be a little impulsive when choosing their words.  


    Dear Students: 

    You have two choices this week.  You may choose to listen to the You Tube reading of The Invisible Boy.  You can also check out the PowerPoint to complete the full lesson.  You could also choose the second PowerPoint to hear the book, I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!  I hope you enjoy the lesson.


    The Story of The Invisible Boy


    PowerPoint Lesson That Goes With The Invisible Boy


    I Can't Believe You Said That



    5/22/20 Guidance Lesson


    I have included two activities this week. I highly recommend that you choose to do "The Great Cake Challenge" with your child. It could really be a fun activity to bake with your child over the weekend. The gratitude lesson is a lesson for yonger students. I recommend the gratitude lesson for kindergarten to second grade.


    This week, there are two lessons you can choose from. The first is "The Great Cake Challenge.” This activity can be completed with your parents and can be quite fun. Feel free to take the challenge to the next level by baking the cake you design. If you bake a cake, please take a picture of your cake and send me a photo! The second is a PowerPoint on gratitude. Something as simple as gratitude can make your life much better because you are focusing on being thankful for all of the blessings in your life rather than all of the challenges.


    The Great Cake Challange





    5/15/20 Guidance Lesson


    This week's lesson is on stress.  The PowerPoint discusses stress and how to cope with it.  The other link is from a counselor from Bridge Valley.  It is a funny video that gives suggestions on how to destress at home. 


    Enjoy the PowerPoint on stress.  All you need to do is click the link that says "What is stress and how do we deal with it?"  Also, if you have time, enjoy the silly film on how to destress by Beth Applegate from Bridge Valley Elementary School. 

    What is stress and how do we deal with it?

    Destress at home




    5/8/20 Guidance Lesson


    This week’s lesson is on kindness.  Now, more than ever, we need to focus on kindness and compassion for others.  There are two lessons.  One is for primary and one is for intermediate students.  Just have your child click on the lesson that works best with their age.


    Just click on the lesson that goes with your grade.  If you are in kindergarten through third grade, you will click on the lesson marked as primary lesson.  If you are in fourth through sixth grade, you would click on the lesson marked as intermediate lesson.  Enjoy. 


    Kindness lesson for primary students - K through 3


    Kindness lesson for intermediate students - grades 4 through 6





    5/1/20 Guidance Lesson


    This week, students have two choices regarding the guidance lessons. The first is a PowerPoint that contains the story, The Good Egg. This is a story about an egg who learns that he cannot control everything. This is an important lesson for children to learn, especially during a pandemic. It also gives suggestions for things you can do to cope with feelings of anxiety and powerlessness.

    The second option is an activity for creating a Gratitude Jar. It is a fun activity that promotes an awareness of everything that we have in our lives that we should feel grateful for.


    Please choose one of the links below. You can choose the PowerPoint and the story, The Good Egg, or you can do the Gratitude Jar activity. Just click on the link that you would prefer to complete.


    Gratitude Jar






    Guidance Lessons 4/24/20 

    Dear Parents:

    I have included two different lessons for your child to choose from this week.  The first is a PowerPoint dealing with change and the anxiety it may cause.  I recommend this for primary grades.  If your child is very young you may have to read the slides to them.  There are imbedded videos that may be helpful. 

    The second activity is a COVID-19 time capsule.  This is an activity that can be completed by students in grades four through six. 

    Of course, you are welcome to use both lessons if you are looking for your child to complete more activities.  If your child is young, they may need some guidance.  I certainly don’t want to make any more work for parents!  I hope you find these posts helpful.


    Dear Students:

    Choose from one of the activities included below. 

    1. PowerPoint on change    Dealing with Change PowerPoint


    1. COVID-19 time capsule   Covid-19 Worksheet   Time Capsule

    Guidance Lesson for 4/17/20 - After the Fall   


    Dear Parents:

    I hope everybody is doing well and able to complete their distance learning assignments.  This week, I have chosen to read the book, After the Fall by Dan Santat.   It is the story of Humpty Dumpty and what he does after he falls off the wall.  It is a wonderful story about overcoming your fears.  I chose to read the book because we are all in a place where we need to work through what to do when something bad happens to us.  I know you are trying to work and teach your children and that is a lot for you to do.  Just have your child press on the link and they can watch me read the book.  If you want to extend this activity, then you can have your child email me their thoughts about the book or you can just have them talk to you about the book. 


    Dear Students:


    Press on the link and watch me read the book, After the Fall by Dan Santat.  Once you are done, answer the questions below.  You can discuss your answers with your parents, or you can email me with your answers. 

    Mrs. Levy reads, After the Fall

    1. Decscibe a time when you had a setback. What did you do to overcome that setback?
    2. Ask you parents about a time when they had a setback. Ask them how they handled it?
    3. What is something you would like to try but you are afraid to do it? Make a plan on how you can accomplish this task. 


    Hope you enjoy the story.


    Mrs. Levy









    Good Morning,

     I wanted to post some additional resources for families. It provides you with many options, including some really fun ideas like free cooking classes. Have a safe and healthy break.

    SAP Resources





    Good Morning,

    Today, I uploaded a Brain Pop video on mindfulness.  Now, more than ever, it is so important for your children to understand mindfulness.  Just click on the link to play the video and learn all about it.  Try to stay in the moment with your family and remember that this will eventually be over. 

    Brain Pop on Mindfulness



    Good Morning:

    Today, I have uploaded a video of me reading the book, Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival.   It is a great read aloud for kids ages kindergarten to third grade.  It explores the concept of worry and helps young children understand what to do when they find a worry.  I hope you enjoy the book.  Feel free to email me with any feedback. 

    Mrs. Levy Reads Ruby Find a Worry



    During stressful times, it is important to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. It is important to focus on the present moment when we begin to feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening. Instead of thinking of what could happen in the future, focus on the here and now. Parents, have your child lay down in a quite place and read the mindfulness script. This will focus them and engage them. It will help bring on feelings of peace and make everyone feel a little more relaxed.

    Meditation Script



    Today's challenge is to work on some relaxation technigues as we work through our week.  The link I have provided will give children the opportunity to practice simple yoga techniques to help them relax.  Parents are welcome to join in.  Kids, send me a picture of you doing yoga with your parents.  

    Yoga For Children



    Good Morning Jamison Families:

    Well, we made it through our first week!  Today, as we start week two, I would like to address ways you can stay connected during this time of social distancing.  I challenge you to try one of these ideas today. Be creative and I know you can come up with some great ideas to connect with others without actually being with them. 


    • Writing letters or cards – sending through mail OR email
    • FaceTime a loved one to check in with them
    • FaceTime a friend and watch a movie together.
    • Go for a walk and have your friend go for a walk in their neighborhood. You can talk on the phone while you are walking.


    If you get a chance, email me something you did to stay connected.  I would love to hear from you.  My email is rlevy@cbsd.org. Children, please remember to get your parent’s permission before any activities.



    Good Morning Jamison Families:

    I will be updating my site daily.  Please feel free to look it over.  Today, I wanted to add a link for community resources just in case you need some support at home.   I have also added links for meditation ideas and information on anxiety with children. 

    A link on meditation ideas for kids - Meditation Ideas

    Information on anxiety and children - Anxiety With Children

    Information on local support services - Liink To Local Supports



    Information for Parents

    How to talk with your kids about the Coronavirus - Talking With Your Kids About The Coronavirus

    What to do when your child is anxious - Anxious Children

    Social and emotional games you can play with your child - Games To Play

    New York Times article on how to talk with your kids - Article On How To Talk With Your Kids

    Helping families cope with Coronavirus - Helping Families With Coronavirus

    Social Media and what parents need to know - Social Media


     Information for Students

    Brain Pop explainning the Coronavirus - Coronavirus



    Mindfulness coloring sheet - Mindfulness Coloring Sheet

    Mindfulness coloring sheet - Mindfulness Coloring Sheet

    Mindfulness coloring sheet - Mindfulness Coloring Sheet

    Mindfulness coloring sheet - Mindfulness Coloring Sheet

    Family discussion scenarios - Family Discussion Scenarios

    Family discussion scenarios-  Family Discussion Scenarios

    Social Stories - Social Stories