• Diastance Learning - Spring 2020


    Schedule Starting Apirl 6:


    Weekly Schedule  

    Please make sure you check your cbsd email everyday for other important messages.

    All necessary information will be posted in the One Note and Canvas calendars, including links to all of the necessary pages needed.  All assignments in the Canvas Celendar will be listed as "AP Calc BC CW or HW" and will be posted on the day it is due.  The One Note calendar (AP Review Calendar  (Web view) ) will basically have the same information but is listed on the day it is assigned, and would be due the next time class meets. 

    Starting April 6, we will be doing a combination of new topics and AP Review.  That may include Free Response, Multiple Choice, AP Classroom, Khan Academy, etc.  I will post answers for all assignments and video explanations for many assignments.  If you have trouble accessing anything or have questions of any kind, please email me:  cmcglone@cbsd.org 

    Our class One Note can be accessed either through Canvas (click Class Notebook) or through Office 365, or just by using the links above.


    Canvas login:  www.cbsd.org/canvas

    Office 365 login:  www.cbsd.org/365


    For information from the Collegeboard about the 2020 AP Exam, click here.