Welcome to English Language Arts!


    Mrs. Mancini - Legacy Team - Tamanend Middle School


    Daily Expectations for Students

    • Check Canvas for our daily/weekly assignments.
    • Attend our classroom check-in by joining the Pear Deck lesson.
      • Class meeting times will be found in TEAMS for your class under the GENERAL tab.
      • Go to Pear Deck when our class meeting time starts.
      • Your class code will be provided TEAMS for your class under the GENERAL tab. check-in begins.
    • Complete and submit assignments by the due date.
    • Abide by CB Online Meeting Guidelines, found here.

    Office Hours

    • I will be available to parents and students throughout the day between 8:30 and 2:30. You can reach me at lmancini@cbsd.org or scheudule time to meet via Teams.

    Classroom Tools

    • Our classroom will be using Canvas, Microsoft Forms, Power Point and Pear Deck.


    • Canvas
    • 365
    • Forms
    • Pear Deck
    • Teams
    • Common Lit
  • Mrs. Lisa Mancini
    Tamanend Middle School Room 233
    Email address: lmancini@cbsd.org 
     Phone: 267-893-2900 (ext. 6447)