Students will continue the routine of their weekly self-generative writing.

    Students will review the functions of a comma in writing.


    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes



    Students will begin keeping a journal of this unprecedented time in their lives.  They should write for 5-10 minutes each day about their experiences with social distancing.

    Students will work through the ELA-A Distance Learning Day 2 Module on their class's Canvas Page.  This is a 20 minute review of comma usage and practice.



    3 Quick Things to Know:  

    1.  Writers react to the world around them and reflect on their experiences.
    2.  Writers follow agreed upon rules in order to communicate.
    3.  Writers review their writing to reflect correct grammar usage.



    • Go to your Canvas Page and find the Day 2 Distance Learning Module
    • Type a daily journal entry for today, Wednesday March 18th. You will journal every day in this document. You will submit your word document to Canvas on Monday 3/23.
    • Log into your No Red Ink Account and complete the assigned practice for commas.
    • Complete the reflection assignment by embedding a gif, picture, or meme that describes what you would rather be doing than social distancing.  If you have trouble uploading a picture, then simply write what you would rather be doing.


    Links/Activities: Go to your class's Canvas Course

    Mrs. Wingerter will check her email periodically throughout the day. If you have a question, please email her at lwingerter@cbsd.org


    Period 3 and 6

    Periods 4, 5, and 7