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    DATE:  Monday, March 23, 2020

    Today's Special is P.E., so refer to Gayman's Distance Learning page for specific activities for today's special.

    Grade 2, Day 4 Math: Addition and Subtraction Fluently Within 1,000

    Estimated Time for 2 Activities: Approximately 30 minutes

    Activity 1-2:

    Overview: Add and subtract numbers within 1,000 with regrouping in ones, tens, and hundreds and across zeros.

    Explanation: You will add and subtract within 1,000 with regrouping and across zeros.

    Things to know:

    1. Sit with someone at home to practice adding or subtracting fluently within 1,000 in the ones and tens place with regrouping and also across zeros.
    2. Add and subtract by using the standard algorithm of addition and subtraction when regrouping.
    3. When regrouping, we can call it “regrouping” or “shifting” the tens. (A parent might think of this as “borrowing” however, we call it regrouping since we aren’t returning or giving back any of the “tens” we needed. 😊)
    4. Specific directions are on the worksheet pages.


    1. Add and subtract within 1,000 with regrouping in the ones, tens and hundreds.  Complete packet pages 22-27.

    2. Subtract within 1,000 with or without regrouping across zeroes. Complete packet page 28.

    How is this assignment turned in to the teacher:  Please keep your completed work in your folder.

    Grade 2, Day 1 Reading/Phonics

    Estimated time for 3 activities:  Approximately 45 minutes


    Overview:  Review spelling patterns

    Explanation:  You will write sentences with the -ar, -er and -ir words you brainstormed this week.

    Things to know: 

    1. Sit with someone at home.
    2. You can do this activity in a variety of ways (out loud, paper and pencil, rainbow write etc.)
    3. Use the “This or That” worksheet that is in your folder.


    1. Write or dictate to a family member 3-5 sentences using the words from days 1-3. You can also post your sentences on Seesaw by choosing the “note” option, the activity that was shared or by taking a picture of your work.
    2. Choose an activity from the “This or That” worksheet that is in your folder. Initial the box after you have completed the activity.


    Overview:  Build your reading stamina and practice reading with fluency and expression

    Explanation:  You will be reading a fiction text aloud to a toy (or pet or family member).

    Things to Know:

    1. Choose a book that is fiction for today. You can use a book that you have at home or you can log-on to Epic! to choose a fiction book for today.
    2. Continue to use your green fluency book each day to build reading fluency.


    1. Complete your one-minute fluency passage reading.
    2. Choose a favorite toy or stuffed animal and read a fiction story out loud OR choose one of the options on the Epic! reading bingo page that is in your yellow folder. Tell an adult at home your favorite part of the story OR post a “note” or message on Seesaw sharing your favorite part of the book you read.
    3. You can also record yourself reading out loud on Seesaw.

    How to Turn in these Assignments:  Please save any papers with your work in your folder. I will also respond to comments on Seesaw as they are posted.

    Grade 2, Day 1 Writing

    Overview: Publish your “how to” writing piece (20 minutes)

    Explanation: Second graders will publish their “how to” writing piece with Seesaw.

    Things to Know:

    1. Your child can post a picture of his or her good copy on Seesaw via the messaging option or record him/herself reading the story the way we do in school.


    1. Record your “how to” writing piece on Seesaw OR share your good copy with another person at home.
    2. Point out what you are most proud of in your story.

    How to turn in this Assignment:  Keep your good copy in your folder.

    Grade 2, Day 1 Social Studies (20 minutes)

    Overview:  Review maps

    Explanations:  Students will create a map of their neighborhood or bedroom.

    Things to Know:

    1. This can be completed with paper and pencil or outside with sidewalk chalk.
    2. A map shows an aerial perspective of a place.


    1. Draw a map of your bedroom or of your neighborhood. Include the following:
      1. A title
      2. A compass rose
      3. A key
      4. Symbols
      5. Add color to your work.

    How to Turn in this Assignment:  Save any completed work in your folder or take a picture and share it with me via email, the message option on Seesaw or by posting it on Seesaw.