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    First and fifth grade students collaborated to design a parade balloon. The best part was the balloon handler. Dash the robot held the balloons up! Students needed to program a code for Dash to follow. This way Dash could make his way down Broad Street.


    6ABC saw the story on my Twitter feed and the rest was history! Within hours, Butler was on the Saturday morning news. The students were so excited to see their hard work broadcasted to the entire Delaware Valley viewing area. Below are images and a video clip of the news segment. 


    Here is the link to the article posted on 6ABC's site: 



  • fab lab

    In late January, Butler was honored to be the first CB school to host the amazing, FAB LAB! This unqiue experience brought hands- on digitial fabrication experiences to students in Grades 3-5. Students were exposed to the many STEM careers that PA employers are looking to hire. In addition, they gained experience in using tools like, digital lasers, fabrication machines, 3D printers, 3D doodle pens, and industrious software that helped them understand how their ideas can go from paper to creation. 


    The students were insipred and amazed at all they could do in the FAB LAB. We were proud to welcome 6ABC to join us one day as we worked in the LAB. Students offered a tour and shared what they learned. Below is a video highlighing their experience. 


    Here is a link to the aricle that is posted on 6ABC's site: