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    Mr. Walsh- rjwalsh@cbsd.org

    Daily Expectations for Students



    Check OneNote for our daily/weekly assignments.

    Complete and submit assignments by the due date.


    Classroom Tools

    Our classroom will be using OneNote as the primary mode of assigning and collecting work. Assignments will be posted in Canvas for due dates and grading.


    The instructions below should help answer your questions and guide you where to go to access work to be done while at home.

    All courses can be accessed through Microsoft OneNote. Once students log on to Onenote they will see the course of study and current units.  From there the student should follow the instructions below.

     Where should I initially go to find the day’s instruction and work?

      • At the top of the current unit that we are working on, you will see a modified daily agenda by date. There will be instructions for each assignment in more detail.
    If you can't access daily lesson plans for this course please click email here: rjwalsh@cbsd.org