• Tuesday March 24

     Listen to author Patricia Polaco talk about how she came up with the idea for her story Thundercake.

    Reading Rockets interview with Patricia Polacco

     author Patricia Polacco


     Then listen to Patricia Polacco read her book Thundercake and answer one or more of the questions below:

    • Who was your favorite character in the story? Why? 
    • Was there ever a time that you felt afraid and an older person helped you with that fear?
    • What did the author want to teach you?


     Thundercake read by Patricia Polacco




    • Overview: Reading and Writing 
    • Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes
    • Explanation of Activity/Assignment - choose 1 activity or more from This or That Menu Grades K-2
    • Quick Things to Know: This or That Menu is posted on my Reading Resouce page. If selecting more than one activity, try a different one from another category.
    • Tasks
      • Look at This or That Menu
      • Choose an activity from 
        • Sight word, phonics and fluency practice
        • I can read to self and think about my reading
        • I can write! 
        • I can show stamina
      • after you compete an activity share it with a family member or friend