•  Monday, March 23

    Stellaluna: Read Aloud Video by Pamela Reed

    Source: SAG-AFTRA Foundation

    Listen to the Read aloud video for Stellaluna by Janell Cannon created by Storyline Online.net and read by actress Pamela Reed.



    After you read Stellaluna talk about the book:

    • How is Stellaluna the same and different from her bird friends?
      • You can jot your ideas down as you talk about it on this Venn Diagram 
        • or make one of your own on a piece of paper.
    • What do Stellaluna and the birds learn about each other?




    Overview: reading and writing sight words or spelling words

    Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes

    Explanation of activity/assignment: choose 1 activity from the  Word Wall Word Menu of Ideas to complete

    Quick Things to know:  The Word Wall Word Menu of Ideas can also be found on the Reading Resources page. You can choose more than one activity to do:)


    • look over the activities to use with your sight words or spelling words
    • choose 1 acitiity to do with your words
    • share your work with your family and/or friends