• March 19, 2020

    Listen to Kate Messner read her new book that will come out this summer.


     OVER AND UNDER THE RAINFOREST, Kate’s book with illustrator Christopher Silas Neal doesn’t come out until August, but we got special permission to share an early read-aloud! After the story, check out this page with more information on the wildlife of Costa Rica, where Kate did most of the research for this book. Writing challenge: Write a short article to teach people about your favorite rainforest animal!


    What was your favorite rainforest animal? Why?

    Here's mine: I like the Tucan bird because when the author read that they bicker over breakfast it reminded me of my brothers and sisters when we were younger. I have 7 other siblings and it seemed as if we bickered over everything - food, toys, clothes. That phrase bickered over breakfast made me laugh and think of my brothers and sisters.

    How about you? What was your favorite rainforest animal and why? Send me your thoughts - jpollina@cbsd.org 



     Overview: Reading and writing word wall words 

    • Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes
    • Explanation of Activity/Assignment: Chose a book in your reading bag or from home to read. Choose 5 - word wall words to read and write.
    • Quick thing to know: find a quiet place to read to yourself, a pet a family member of friend. Resources can be found on Reading Resource page.
    • Tasks:
      • Choose 1  book
      • Read the book
      • Tell someone about the book after you read it.
        • what happened and where
        • who the characters are
        • what the problem was
        • what the solution was
        • what your favorite part was
      • write each word 3 times (lined paper can be found on the reading resource page on my website)
        • ideas for writing words  
          • rainbow write your words
          • write the word in marker, pen, pencil
          • use sidewalk chalk to write words outside
      • choose 1 word and write a sentence (lined paper can be found on the reading resource page on my website)