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    Grade 1  Day 6  

    Hi First Graders! 

    Today is an art day, so please check out Mrs. H.D.'s plans! 

    Have a wonderful Wednesday and keep it up! I wish I could hear all of your reading! 

    Love, Mrs. Klebba


    Kindness Challenge: 

    Draw a picture of what you are grateful for. Once you are done, write a thank you note to someone you are grateful for.


    Reading (45 minutes)

    Activity 1: Phonics

    • Generate a list of words with a long /u/ spelling pattern (_u_e) such as tube, rule, etc.

    Activity 2: Reading

    • Read a new story (non-fiction) to your stuffed animals or sibling. Before you read, complete the K and W portion of the KWL chart. K stands for what I already know about the topic. W stands for what I want to know. 

    Activity 3: Reading Response

    • Finish your KWL chart by completing the L portion. L stands for what I learned.

    Links/Activities: Optional – Epic, Book Flix, and Pebble Go for online variety of books; post picture of favorite part to Seesaw 


    Writing (25 minutes) 

    Narrative Writing: Your Perfect Day  

    • Think about your perfect day. Give 2-3 details about what you would do on your perfect day.
    • Write 4-5 sentences and draw an illustration to match. (Remember to think about our 4 Square organizer!) 
    • Try to add adjectives or transition words (First, Next, Last)!
    • Reread your writing and edit for 5 star sentences.
    • Illustrate a picture to match your writing.
    • Celebrate your work, writer! Share with a friend or family member OR post to Seesaw. 


    Math (30 minutes)

     Using the packet, complete Day 6 pages.

    Activity 1:  Identifying flat shapes

    • Color the correct shape to match the shape word.

    Activity 2: Identifying and sorting flat and solid shapes

    • Cut out the given pictures and use them as cards
    • Mix up the cut-out cards. Lay them flat on the table.
    • Sort them into flat and solid shapes.
    • Discuss how are they alike? How are they different?
    • If you were to match a flat shape to a solid shape, which shapes would go together?

     Activity 3: Identifying, counting, and comparing flat shapes (Extra)

    • Identify given flat shapes
    • Describe and write to tell how they are alike. How are they different?

    Activity 4: Problem Solving with Shapes:  (Extra)

    • Sort given flat shapes into two groups.
    • Write to explain the two groups you sorted the shapes into and why.

    Activity 5: Shape Patterns  (Extra - Only complete if you want more practice.) 

    • Draw the shape or shapes that come next in the shape pattern.


    How is this assignment turned in to the teacher: Photo on Seesaw or placed in the envelope


    Science (20 minutes) 

     Identify the Weather

    • Observe today’s weather.
    • Draw a picture of the weather using details and labels.
    • Write a sentence about the weather.

    How is this assignment turned in to the teacher: Place any papers you completed back into your DL Envelope to hand in to the teacher. Optional: Read/explain your weather report on Seesaw.


    Special (20 minutes)

    Check out the district website for ideas from Mrs. H.D. for Art: