• Welcome to Kindergarten's Distance Learning Resources


    Monday, March 23rd:

    Happy Monday! Please find daily FUNdations lessons on your teacher's Seesaw account.


    Wednesday, March 18th:

    You should have received the email below today.

    Dear Kindergarten Parents,

    Happy Wednesday! We hope that you now better understand Central Bucks’ Distance Learning Plan and have begun to navigate resources that Miss Patterson and/or Mrs. Giuliano have shared via email and Seesaw.

    You are receiving this email because your child receives supplemental reading instruction through our Reading Club at Butler. We know that the supplemental instruction that your child receives is integral to his/her literacy development. As such, we will continue to provide the FUNdations intervention that your child receives via Seesaw.

    Each day Mrs. Meade or I will post a 5-10 minute video to your child’s Seesaw journal. The video will mimic our FUNdations intervention lesson and include the following:

    • Warmup
    • Find Letters
    • Read Words
    • Write Letters

    To participate with us during this video, your child will need the FUNdations writing template and a whiteboard marker that was sent home with each of them in the manilla folder on Thursday.

    These videos are not live; therefore, they can be accessed at your leisure. As students are familiar with the routine, they should be able to participate without much help from you. It would be fabulous if you could oversee your child’s letter writing, to ensure proper letter formation. 

    We would love for you to share your child’s work through a picture or video sent via Seesaw. We have access to Miss Patterson and Mrs. Giuliano’s Seesaw classes; therefore, we can see any messages that are sent or work that is posted.

    Should you have any questions regarding, please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

    Videos will be posted by later today 😊


    Mrs. Meade and Mrs. Burkholder