• Please refer to this page for upcoming assignments directions and links



    Tuesday June 9

    Today in class we will:               

    • View video of "The world’s first author..."


    •  Read chapter 1 of Genesis  and discuss how it may relate to the novel


    • Read Genesis 2 and 3
    • Why do you think these pieces of text would often be taught alongside the teaching of Frankenstein?
    • Put your reflection in OneNote on the Genesis 1-3 page



    Thursday June 4

    Today in class we will:

    • View an Intro. To Frankenstein
    • They were Romantics- like in Dead Poets’ Society…they all hung out together…
    • Using the online text=Read part of chapter 5- the moment the creation awakes
    • Then the excerpt from Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    • See pictures of Mont Blanc
    • Then p. 91- the mountain and nature (ch. 7)
    • This is just after he learns of the death of his little brother…
    • Read Mont Blanc- answer questions
    • Read part of mutability in chapter 10



    • Read the creation (Boo’s) words- go to "Excerpts from the text" document in OneNote
    • Read from (chapter 10) "Devil" I exclaimed...to the end of the chapter
    • on that same page…just write your reaction to what Boo says and how he says it.
    • Read Mutability or Ozymandias
    • Answer questions on the Poems assignment document- you can do this in a group
    • Have a nice weekend!


    Tuesday June 2-Mrs. Scott is out sick today-

    • Hello- sorry- I am under the weather- I will be checking email, however.
    • Independently- you may work in a group and put in the collaboration space if you like.
      • Go to your “Gothicism” tab in OneNote
      • Read the poem (Text of) “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (It is a long poem) Annotate as you go for understanding and notable devices.
      • Go to the page "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"- where there are 11 questions...I put the questions in a separate document because the poem is so long.
      • Answer all questions for the poem
      • If you want to work as a group…copy and paste the questions into the collaboration space if you like.
      • If you did not get to watch the links of the clips from last week, you should do that as well- if you are unable to get to them- no worries, I will share them
      • See you on Thursday!


    Thursday May 28

    Today in class we will:

    • complete a pear deck activity on Gothicism and Romanticism


    • In OneNote- go you your new Gothicism Tab
    • open "The Creation Clips" document
    • click on the links to do the following:
      • watch "Introduction to Frankenstein" video
      • write down 3 things that you learned or that surprised you about the book
      • watch the  "Trailer for Deniro --gothic ad" video clip
      • watch the "Trailer for Branagh Version" video clip
      • write down your impressions of all of the above on that page
      • We will watch the other clips next week

    Have a nice weekend!


    Tuesday May 26

    Today in class we will:

    • By yourself-
      • Bernabe-Henn
        • Think about an unethical act from your past, like betraying a friend, or stealing or lying. Just think about it
      • The rest
        • Think about an ethical act from your past, like returning lost money, or helping someone with their bags. Just think about it.
      • you will NOT share this with anyone
    • we will then participate in an experiment on our choices of a 'gift'
    • read a psychological study
    • view the end of the play from Macduff's speech


    • Some of you did not do the C.P. activities…you need to do those.
    • Others- choose a prompt- begin writing the essay.
    • Use the sample Hiking to Understanding…I encourage students to begin their essay with an experience and write in present tense, so your audience is there with you
    • Independent work today is to complete a draft for next Tuesday…Thursday we will do some gothic background info.
    • If you would like to go back and view any of the filmed stage play-I believe we have one or two more free days
    • go do dramaonline
    • click on "plays"
    • login JCS010
    • password: Hypothesis
    • Click on "M"
    • scroll down to Macbeth (Globe on stage)


    Thursday May 21

    Today in class we will:

    • Finish reading act 5- need Macbeth, Malcolm, Ross
    • Go over Act 5 questions---how does Macbeth evolve/devolve over the soliloquies
      • If it were done when it were done
      • To be thus (king) is nothing but to be safely thus
      • My way of life has fallen into the sear
      • Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
        • It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
      • Discuss  Lady Macbeth’s demise?
      • View part of stage production
    •  Independently
      • Finish your motif pear deck
      • Choose one that you wrote a message for to do the following:
        • Write a thesis statement and 1 body paragraph developing that thesis statement
        • In the play Macbeth, (images of…depictions of…elements of, examples of…situations where…- you decide)

                                               Which demonstrates that_____(universal message goes here)


    Tuesday May 19, 2020

    Today in class we will:

    • Share a few motif samples
    • Catch up on study guide questions- skipping the ones we did not read for
    • Share some of the spell writing- remember you need a visual
    • Read act 5 scene 1-3- they go fast
    • View some of the Globe production
    • Independently-
      • Read scenes 4-7
      • Work on your motif Pear Deck
      • Would love to have them by Thurs.
      • Look over the prep work you did for the career plan essay


     Thursday May 14, 2020- sorry this was Late...I thought I posted last night!

    Today in class we will:

    •  read act 4 scene 3
    • go over the Spell Writing activity
    • fill in chart for visions


    • take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book.
    • Begin your work on spell writing
    • continue with Pear Deck- Login is   joinpd.com    code is lmnuu



    Tuesday May 12, 2020

    Today in class we will:

    • Review scenes 5 and 6
    • Go over study guide questions together
    • Introduce the overwhelming powerpoint in pear deck
      • You'll work on over the course of the next week and a half
    • Read act 4 scene 1- it’s a doozie!
    • Act out apparitions-
    • If time, view a little- from 1:08
    • Independently:
      • Read act 4 scene 2
      • Choose one motif/quote to finish
      • (more if you are ambitious)
      • Revise your paragraphs- not due until next Monday
    • Have a good day!



    Thursday May 7

    Today in class we will:

    • take notes on the  Macbeth-  “foils"
    • Read aloud scenes 2-4- 
    • View part of the Globe version
    • Independently-


    Tuesday May 5, 2020

    Today in class we will:

    • Take a practice test in Socrative
    • Read aloud Scenes 2 and 3
    • listen to song and analyze
    • 2 groups will have an independent reading chat


    • Independently
      • Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book.
      • Go to the song lyrics in OneNote
        • either in the collab space or Teams, answer all questions about how the song could connect to the text
      • read act 3 scenes 2 and 3


    Thursday April 30, 2020

    Today in class we will:

    • Share some of your paragraphs…some sort of missed the point- which is perfectly fine…
    • Listen to song- answer questions
    • analyze the Soliloquy- To be thus is nothing
    • View some of the National Theater production
    • Independently-
      • Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book
      • Go to this website- it is a direct link to the play Macbeth from The National Theater- it may require you to log in...if the direct link does not work, go the dramaonline link below that. Log in instructions are listed here. Drama Online has graciously offered a free subscription through May 24 during the pandemic, so this is a really nice opportunity to see the London  Production of the play.
      • https://www.dramaonlinelibrary.com/plays/macbeth-nt-iid-190520   
      • If the above doesn't work to to Drama Online- https://www.dramaonlinelibrary.com/pages/content-list
      • Log in:
        • log in: Jcs010
        • Password: Hypothesis
        • Go to the National Theater collection link
        • Scroll down until you find Macbeth
        • Watch the video through to 40:19- you’ll obviously have to pick up where we left off today…which was around 19:23
      • In OneNote- answer questions 1 and 2 for act 3 scene 1
      • Revise you paragraph
        • Eliminate summary
        • put all in present tense
        • Add a quote for either character

    Thursday April 23, 2020

    Today in class we will;

    • review your study guide question
    • participate in a kahoot on act 2
    • view a live stage production of parts of Act 1 of Macbeth


    • spend some time with Mrs. Savicki’s links to choose an independent book. (links were sent in an email)  
      Have a book by next Thursday
    • Read act 3 scene 1, and just the first 14 lines of scene 2- (what Lady Macbeth says about "desires)
    • write a short paragrpaph on the character development/ change in the characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth from act 1 to act 3
    • put your paragraph in the "New Character Page" that was added in the Macbeth tab

    We won't see each other again until NEXT THURSDAY- Next Tuesday is a professional development day- so no classes for students

    Have a nice weekend!






    Tuesday April 21, 2020 


    • Finish reading scenes 3 and 4
    • Answer questions for scenes 3 and 4
    • write down 5 questions that you need answered for yourself (something you are confused about, or just want to know) in your OneNote on the Study Guide questions page---or wherever you prefer-just let me know where you have put them 



    Thursday April 16, 2020

    • Today in our live class we will-
      • share our visuals
      • play a Kahoot for act 1 of the play
      • take notes on the Soliloquy document you worked on
      • review all of the discussion questions for act 1
    • After our live class:
      • Independently- read act 2 scenes 1 and 2
      • Answer Study Guide Questions for scenes 1 and 2- can work together as always
      • We will cover scenes 3 and 4 in our next class


    Tuesday April 14, 2020

    • In today's live chat we will-
      • review characters
      • go over your characterization document to fill in some gaps
      • read scene 5
      • analyze Lady Macbeth's soliloquy
      • participating in a kahoot
    • Independently-
    • Read scenes 6 and 7- feel free to use the link with the notes included
    • Go to your “Soliloquy 1” document – that document actually has links which are really helpful. You should fill in the blocks just as we did with the rhetoric speeches, etc.
      • The middle column is for paraphrase
      • The right column is for devices, characterization, theme, etc.
    • As always- you can work in a group…in one person’s OneNote or the collaboration space- just be sure to let me know where you put your work! (I cleared out the collaboration space)
    • REREAD SCENE 5 lines 60-ish-70-ish (It depends which online version you are using) From Lady Macbeth’s
      • … “O never/Shall sun that morrow see!...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Give solely sovereign sway and masterdom”
    • INDIVIDUALLY-Identify the simile and metaphor combination which is the direction Lady Macbeth gives to Macbeth.
      • Draw that simile and metaphor combination
      • On paper or in OneNote- we will share next week
      • Write a brief explanation of what the simile/metaphor combination direction is in your own words.
      • we will share at our next class meeting


    Tuesday April 7, 2020

    • In today's live chat we will be:
      • participating in a Socrative Survey
      • reviewing characters
      • viewing a Simpson's clip
      • beginning the play- We will read aloud- Act 1 scenes 1-3-Shakespeare in your living rooms!
      • Read scene 4-- feel free to use the online text that has the explanations and annotations.
      • Then-fill in the  “Character Development” chart in your OneNote-- you can do this in a group if you wish
        • Fill in the top 8 boxes (4 rows, 2 columns that cover the first 4 scenes in the play)
        • The chart asks for textual evidence- not just quotes by Macbeth but also by others about him and his actions and his reputation.
    • I’m going to empty the Collab. Space so you can work there if you wish- it will be less cluttered
      • be sure to send me the password- or let me know if you are working somewhere else-
    • Email with questions – I am on my laptop 27 hours a day



    Tuesday's work is below--

    LOOKING AHEAD TO---Thursday April 2, 2020

    • Our first class meeting in Teams!
    • Welcome, question and answer time
    • go through new documents in OneNote
    • Note-taking on characters in Macbeth
    • Once finished with note-taking, you'll do the lesson for the day:
    • Go to the "Heroes- tragic and otherwise" document-
      • follow the directions to watch the 2 videos on heroes
      • answer the questions for each
      • you will have to stop the videos to answer the questions as they come up quickly



    Tuesday March 31, 2020

    • Overview- Writing a shrinklet for previously read piece of literature
    • Time 45 minutes
    • Activities- working in a group or alone- read about a Shrinklet and write one.
    • Quick thing- all of Shakespeare’s plays are basically book long poems!
    • Tasks:
      • Go to your Macbeth tab in OneNote
      • Scroll down to the “Writing a shrinklet” document near the bottom.
      • Read the description of what a shrinklet is and read the sample given
      • Brainstorm in your group about other pieces of literature that you’ve read….it could be something you all read last year in English Class, or something else that you all know fairly well.
      • Write a brief synopsis for the work
      • Then, write a 20-30 line shrinklet that tells the entire story of your piece.
      • Please share with Mrs. Scott in an email or “share” in OneNote.


    Monday March 30, 2020

    • Overview-experimenting with Black-Out poetry
    • Time 45 minutes
    • Activities- watching slam poem- reading through directions on Black Out poems- Creating a Black Out poem
    • Quick thing- this is more experimentation with poetry
    • Go to the following website:
    • https://powerpoetry.org/actions/5-tips-creating-blackout-poetry
      • Read through all of the directions for creating a Black-Out poem
      • Find a newspaper article, a magazing article, or even an old novel (only if it is ok to write in it, though)
      • Follow the directions for ‘blacking out’ portions of an entire page.
      • Then re-write your final copy of the ‘black out’ poem that you created.
      • If you would like, create a visual to reflect your poem or the theme of your poem
      • Share with Mrs. Scott, please!
      • If you have a little time – watch this slam poet
      • https://www.ted.com/talks/lemon_andersen_please_don_t_take_my_air_jordans (This is not a black out poem- but a poem based on actual events)


    Thursday March 26, 2020

    • Overview-identifying elements of 2 worlds in poem
    • Time-45 minutes
    • Activities- collaborating and interpreting
    • Quick thing- Continuing with the poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1832 that you covered on Tuesday.
    • Tasks:
      • Go to your Dramatic Monologue tab in OneNote
      • Open the “The Lady of Shalott” page
      • Review the elements of the poem for yourself (feel free to listen to the audio again)
      • Then- you can either create a password protected page in the collaboration space to work with others (share in OneNote) You can copy and paste the chart from the bottom of the document.
      • OR you can use the Canvas site. In the Dramatic Monologue module, there are a numer of  "Lady of Shalott Chart" pages. I was having trouble placing you in groups for this assignment- so experiment with it. If it's not working for you - just go back to OneNote. You don't HAVE to work with others on this...but you always have the Collaboration Space.
      • Please EMAIL me if you are having trouble or have questions. Remember- this is just “extension” of our work with poetry and meter. You will not be tested on these items.
      • Homework- rest up- destress- stay safe- be well
      • :-)Mrs. Scott
    Hello All-
    Mrs. Savicki has sent out some information on resources in the library.
    I have included direct links here...or you can go to the Library site and "Distance Learning".
    The SORO link is awesome- choose books by genre. I have finished my 2 books, so I'm going to use this resource.
    Want to suggest a book for all of us to read? Send me an email!
    Stay safe and be well!
    Mrs. Scott

    Wednesday March 25, 2020

    • Overview-reading independently- reviewing grammar
    • Time 45 minutes
    • Activities- working in OneNote on grammar review
    • Quick thing- there is a grammar section on the final exam
    • Tasks:
      • Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book
        • Your books are due this week- obviously those due dates will be postponed
      • Today- we will take a break from poetry and do something really fun- Grammar review!
      • Go to your “Grammar 2” tab in OneNote
      • There is one page in there titled “Grammar Review”- this page actually contains 10 different exercises
      • For each of the rules covered-Read over the rules for each exercise BEFORE you do the sample sentences
        • Complete exercise for
        • Making Subjects and Verbs Agree
        • Subject Verb Agreement Troubles…
        • Using Verbs with Indefinites
    • I will put an ‘Answer key’ page for the exercises in the notebook or correct them individually



    Hello! Sorry all- I thought I had put up both days' work....here is for today!

    Tuesday March 24, 2020

    • Overview-exploring more meter and another poem
    • Time-45 minutes
    • Activities- collaborating and interpreting
    • Quick thing- the poem was written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1832
    • Tasks:
      • Go to your Dramatic Monologue tab in OneNote
      • Open the “The Lady of Shalott” page
      • Read the poem while listening to the audio (Audio is listed separately)
      • Go to your Canvas site (We have used only once, I think)
      • Go to the “Lady of Shallot” Module
      • You have been placed in a group there-
      • Write your 2-3 sentence response there.
      • Then, respond to 2 other people’s responses as well
      • EMAIL ME IF YOU are having trouble
      • No need to move on to the chart on the document yet



    Monday March 23, 2020

    Overview-exploring more meter and the dramatic monologue

    Time-45 minutes

    • Activities- exploring and interpreting
    • Quick thing- remember all of the practice we did with iambic pentameter?
    • Tasks: 
      • Go to your Dramatic Monologue tab in OneNote
      • Open the “Metrical Patterns” page
      • Read over the different meters
      • Try to identify the meters in the samples given
      • Try to scan the lines using the patterns give above the samples
      • Then open the “Porphyria’s Lover” document
      • Read the poem and try to answer the questions that follow. You will NOT be tested on this- we will revisit when we are all together again.
      • I will check in on your notebooks to see how you do.
    • Homework- rest up- try to destress and decompress- reach out if you have questions
    • 😊


    Friday March 20, 2020


    There is no assignment for Friday- 

    Rest up- decompress- reach out with questions- have a nice weekend!


    Mrs. Scott



    hursday March 19, 2020

    Overview-prewriting for the Career Plan Essay

    Time-45 minutes

    • Activities- exploring and prewriting
    • Quick thing- have you settled on a prompt yet? It is absolutely fine if you have not!
    • Tasks: 
      • Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book
      • Go to the Core 1 Activities page
      • Do Task #2-which requires you to write a few paragraphs on character traits
      • If you did this yesterday and did not create a timeline, do that now in the “Draft” page in OneNote
    • In the Draft page today- please post any questions you have about how to approach writing the essay. No need to start writing yet, as we will conference once we are all back together again. If you WANT to get started on a rough draft, I will be happy to read and give feedback. This is NOT a requirement at this time.
    • If you'd like to look ahead at tomorrow, go to OneNote and find your new "Dramatic Monologue" tab- you'll be assessing the different meters tomorrow.
    • Closure- answer for yourself- what is it that I would like future employers/admissions officers to know about me…try to avoid the obvious. This is for your eyes only. (unless of course you would like me to read) 😊




    Wednesday March 18, 2020- Remember- none of this is being graded. It is a chance for you to explore options for your Career Plan Essay. No need to stress about these assignments. They are meant as "mental practice," if you will. 

    Overview-prewriting for the Career Plan Essay

    Time-45 minutes

    • Activities- reading articles, seeing samples, prewriting
    • Quick thing- look back at the prompts you highlighted on the Caree Plan Essay Assignment page in OneNote
    • Tasks: 
      • Go to the "Draft" page in OneNote. Write for 5 straight minutes about you, your life, your key “highs” and “lows.”
      • Then-Create a timeline for your life- adding “future” events that you foresee- your future.
      • Click on the “Essay Sites” document in OneNote
      • Open 2 screens at once so that you can read the articles AND answer the questions on the “For articles” document in OneNote
      • IF you have received responses for your interview questions, do Task #2- writing paragraphs for 2 characteristics that others have identified about you.
      • IF you do NOT have responses yet, do the following:
      • Now go back to the list of prompts and choose 1 to freewrite about. Don’t worry about punctuation- write these things in the “Draft” page of OneNote.




    Overview-prewriting for the Career Plan Essay

    Time-45 minutes

    • Activities- reading assignment, seeing samples, prewriting
    • Quick thing- think about what you might write in your personal essay
    • Tasks: 
    • Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book
    • Go to your  "Career Plan" tab in OneNote
    • read over the "Career Plan Essay Assignment" thoroughly- if you have questions about the assignment, put your questions right on that page in OneNote- I will be checking OneNote daily.
    • Highlight 2 or 3 prompts that you are interested in- you will be required to address one of the prompts on that list. (there's something for everyone!)
    • Go to the "Core 1 Activities" page. 
    • Complete Task #1- which is to choose 2 people to interview. Take this time to either text, email, or call those individuals and ask them to participate...send them the questions in a text, an  email, or type them out for the interviewees. 
    • Ask that they return the responses to you somehow in the next day if they are able to
    • Now-Read both sample essays.
    • Choose one to read a second time, annotating things that you find interesting, effective, questionable, or confusing. Highlight/underline right in your OneNote- I will be checking for it there.