• Please check this page for Lessons, directions, and links for materials for the coming days.


    Monday June 8, and Tuesday June 9- if you need to take the Antigone test, email Mrs. Scott asap

      • Block 1- we will see each other for the last time on Wednesday
      • Block 3- this is our last day together
    • All must return your Grendel books on the day designated for you (June 10 and 11) I expect to get a book from everyone unless you let me know why I should not.
    • Block 3- need to hear from a few for the Man is the Measure argument
    • Review the traits of the anti-hero
    • View clip from A Few Good Men
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7RH8kSkXlY
    • Go to Pear Deck to answer the question about Colonel Jessup
    • joinpd.com   code tzhio





    Wednesday June 3 and Thursday June 4

    Today in class we will:

    • Prepare to share your ‘argument’ for your position on the Man is the Measure…
    • You will turn on your mic for this obviously
    • While others are presenting their argument, the rest are taking notes, as you will have to vote on one position or another and give an explanation for your vote.
    • Present all groups



    • Compose an email to Mrs. Scott- the body of your text should include which side you are voting for of the groups that presented today. (Man Pro, Man Con, Gods Pro, Gods Con, Law Pro, Law Con)
    • Give an explanation of why you are voting the way you are (at least a few sentences)
    • Have a nice weekend! 




    • Tuesday June 2- Mrs. Scott is out sick today- sorry- I am under the weather. I will be checking email, however.
    • Independently:
      • GO TO YOUR meetings in Teams for the Man is the Measure assignment or agree now to work independently to produce your own thesis statements and paragraphs. You must all have 2 explanations and a revised thesis statement. (Groups that have worked cohesively, continue to do so- you have feedback in OneNote- some are working outside of the collaboration space and that is fine too, as long as I know where your work is saved)--
      • Others who have not turned in work, you must complete on your own:
        • Thesis statement and then, 1 quote explaining how the quote proves your message. THIS applies only if you are working alone.
        • Your thesis statement must have a message more specific than “man is the measure of all things” that is too broad and general.
      • Most of you are missing something in OneNote for the assignment- or need to revise. You have feedback from me on those documents/pages.
      • For ALL-Be sure you have a thesis statement that is more specific than just ‘man is the measure of all things’
      • See the template from previous lessons on this site for the thesis.
      • Be sure you have EXPLAINED how at least 2 of the quotes you have chosen actually prove your thesis statement.
      • Be prepared to present your argument on Thursday.



    Thursday May 28 and Monday June 1

    Today in class we will:

    • take a test on the play Antigone


    • take some time to read something for pleasure
    • Go back to OneNote- not everyone has a thesis statement and explanation for 2 quotes…or you may have feedback on your thesis statement. Be prepared to present your argument next class.
    • You need to have a P in the grade book in order to graduate

    Have a nice weekend!


    Tuesday May 26 (3rd block)and Wednesday May 27 (1st block)

    Today in class we will:

    • Answer questions about the end of the play
    • THERE will be a Test next class on play
    • Your independent work today is to:
    • PREPARE your man is the measure argument for next Tuesday or Thursday
      • Add to your explanations so that you are addressing how 4 quotes prove your point.
      • You will share your explanations of the two BEST quotes that prove your point, and take notes on the opposing side- we will be turning on mics.
      • Today in your independent time, use which quote…some of you have altered your groups, I know. Use the meetings previously set up for your groups to actually talk this through…who will discuss which quote, etc.
      • You will then be writing an individual response that includes both your rebuttal to the other group, and the explanation of another quote that helps prove your argument
    • If you wish to go back and view any of the filmed stage play-I believe we have free access for one or two more days...
    • go to dramaonline
    • click on "plays"
    • log in JCS010
    • password: Hypothesis
    • click on "A"
    • scroll down to Antigone (NT)


    Wednesday May 20 (block 1)  and Thursday May 21 (Block 3)

    Today in class we will:

    • read lines 1273-1373-ish
    • view part of the stage production
    • Test next week on the entire play
    • Groups… join a meeting to discuss…need:
      • A Thesis statement about your position:

    In the play Antigone,  Sophocles proves that man is ____as evidenced in -___________________ (Could be the final event, the final outcomes for characters, etc)


    • Continue in your groups to:
    • Choose 4 or 5 of your quotes that work best in proving your point (decide amongst you)
    • Write a brief explanation of how each of the quotes proves your position- discuss first, at least one person write in OneNote- you can share your screen.
    • Put all in the Collaboration Space
    • THEN:
      • Finish reading the play
      • Finish the discussion questions for Exodus
      • Test on the play next Wednesday (1st block) and Thursday (3rd block)



    Monday May 18, (Block 1) and Tuesday May 19 (Block 3)

    Today in class-

    • Monday- Mrs. Scott out- Tuesday will be live class
    • In whichever order makes the most sense to you...
    • read lines 1213- 1273
    • answer all study guide questions through scene 5 questions- regardless of where you left off. (A Paean is a hymn of praise or triumph) 
    • re-read lines 1130-1140 and lines 1181-1197
    • In OneNote, on the 'Tieresias prediction' page...
      • write a well-developed paragraph or two- paraphrase Tieresias's accusations of Creon and also his predictions for Creon and for the kingdom.
      • include how Creon may be misinterpreting Teiresias's words as well
    • check parent portal and get caught up on all of the things that are missing...many missing things in the gradebook.



    Wednesday May 13 (Block 1) and Thurs. May 14 (Block 3)

    Today in class we will:

    • view a Short clip of Creon and Antigone- actors
    • View a little more of the play
    • Read from 963-1122
    • Independently- Pear Deck- read the poem, and then execute the tasks on the subsequent slides
    • joinpd.com  code-wyvog



    • take 15 minutes to read your independent book
    • finish your Pear Deck activity- joinpd.com   code wyvog
    • Read from line 1122-1213



    Monday May 11 and Tuesday May 12

    Today in class we will:

    • view short video clips with the actors in the filmed stage production
    • read aloud lines 763-878
    • go over discussion questions
    • read through and discuss the twitter assignment
    • Independently
      • Read from lines 878-963 of the play
      • You have a doc. for Instagram and twitter templates…you can’t actually write on them, but you can find templates
      • You can also use the link to the ‘fake instagram’ doc. I sent in an email. 
      • You are going to create either a twitter account, OR some Instagram posts,  for characters in the play. You can do this with ONE OTHER person.
      • You can work in google online or the collaboration space or word online- wherever/however makes sense to you. You could create through a PowerPoint, or you can find images and templates online. This will be due either next MONDAY for First block or TUESDAY for third block- that’s a week.
    •  For Instagram- you need to have at least 5 posts-(by a character in the play) you can be the star of the post or you can use effects, cartoons, etc. (You don’t have to make an actual  separate Instagram account- but you could- students have in the past) 
      • You should have visuals, hashtags, witty comments
      • For each post, you need a comment from another character in the play- these can be critical, comical, actual
      • OR:
    •  For twitter- see the sample Social Studies Template in OneNote
      • You should have a character profile, picture, background, captions, etc.
      • You should have pictures of 3 other characters in the play. (can be drawings, cartoons, or even symbols or images)
      • Each of the additional characters need to ‘respond’ to your character’s actions in the play.




    Wednesday May 6 and Thursday May 7

    Today in class we will:

    • view part of the play
    • participate in a Pear Deck activity writing to an advice column 


    •  Use the link below to view from minute 34-45
    • In OneNote- discussion questions- answer # 3 and 4 for Scene 2 and #1-4 for scene 3
    • Finish your letter in Pear Deck if you did not finish---asking for advice as a character from the play. Then write a response to that request. Just for fun, try writing in verse!
    • To get to Pear Deck- go to joinpd.com- use code snawp
    • In  your letter, you are writing as a character in the play- Antigone or Ismene or Creon...you are writing a "Dear Abby" letter asking for advice about how to avoid dying as a result of your tragic flaw. Then you are acting as the writer  to give advice for that dilemma.


    Here is a link to the production that we have looked at- you may have to type in manually  if it doesn't take you to the site, and you should probably be sure to use Chrome  or Internet Explorer.


    Click on the link...then go to "Plays"- scroll down to Antigone (NT)- 

    If it asks you to log in (it shouldn't, but it might) login info:


    password: Hypothesis

    Have a nice weekend!






    Monday May 4, and Tuesday May 5

    Today in class we will:

    • View a Short video clip about the language of the play -in PPT
    • See “anti-hero” definition
    • Read aloud-Creon, Antigone, Ismene, Chorus
      • We'll  go back a bit to hear Antigone and Creon’s interaction around 500
      • Read to line 595
    • One group will meet separately with Mrs. Scott for Independent reading chat


    • Independently
      • Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book
      • Send an email to Mrs. Scott with names of people in your independent reading group.
      • Read from lines 595-763-ish
      • Answer questions 3 and 4 for scene 2 
      • add quote to your collaboration space page in OneNote




    Wed. April 29 and Thurs. April 30

    Today in class we will:

    • watch a short video from The National Theater with the cast and director
    • review the "Man is the Measure" assignment
    • add notes to the collaboration space
    • View a portion of the live stage play of the production


    Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book- you will (possibly)participate in a chat next class

      • Read from line 376-ish (The Chorus) to line 593-ish of the play (right before Ismene's entrance) This is a bit more reading than we have done aloud, but will go very quickly reading on your own.
      • Answer questions 1-4 for scene 1 and questions 1 and 2 for scene 2
      • Have a nice weekend!



    Thursday 4/23 block 3, and Monday 4/27 Block 1

    Today in class we will

    • view a short video about family vs. state
    • get a group assignment on 'Man is the Measure'
    • Read Antigone- through to the Sentry's exit


    spend some time with Mrs. Savicki’s links to choose an independent book. (I sent in 2 separate emails) Block 1 have a book by next Wednesday. Block 3 have a book by next Thursday.

    Check you paragraphs one last time as I haven’t graded yet.

    Make a “Wanted” poster for the person who buried Polynices-


    • how it was done
    • where it was done
    • the law it broke
    • whose law
    • the traitor
    • his crime
    • the reward (see Money in Ancient Greece in OneNote)                                                                    
    • the state of the body
    • the punishment meant for the person
    • try writing in verse

    You can do this on paper- take a picture, or in OneNote- use the draw tool, or copy and paste things in a doc., use the collab space to do with one other person, password protect the page- send me the password.

    3rd Block-We won’t see each other again until NEXT THURSDAY!


    Tuesday April 21 and Wednesday April 22

    Today in our live session we will:

    • look at a sample chart on people who broke the law for moral reasons
    • see pictures of Ancient Greek Theaters
    • watch a short video, as introduction, from the British National Theater about their live production of Antigone
    • review the character list
    • begin reading the prologue of the play
    • Independently
      • Read the entire chorus speech and Creon's speech to line 235
      • answer questions 1-5 for the Prologue in the "Discussion questions New" page in OneNote
      • Revise your paragraphs for a final grade


      Thursday April 16 and Monday April 20

    • Today in class we will contribute to a socrative survey as an anticipation guide to our reading of Antigone, take notes on the tragedy powerpoint, and fill in a chart on "people who broke the law" and why those people broke those particular laws
      • Antigone tab
      • PPT Notes doc.- be sure to get these if you were not in class today 
        • Finish filling in the chart for "people who broke the law". You can do some research if you want.
        • You should find/list at least 5 people- fill in all columns for each person listed
        • If you work in a group- put the table in the collaboration space and give it a password- be sure to send me the password
        • Once you finish your chart- go back to your paragraphs and revise according to the feedback you received...this will be another grade
        • paragraphs should be in the "Grendel thesis and paragraphs" page in your "Class notes" section of OneNote



    Tuesday 4/14 and Wednesday 4/15


    Independent work after our class today--

    • Look at “Thematic Ideas for Grendel” document (if you have not already done so)
    • Do any of those sound like what you are writing? Ask questions about how to clarify your message.
    • You will now continue with your 2 body paragraphs developing your thesis statement much like you did with the Beowulf tests.
    • Thesis statement is a grade; revision of T.S. is a grade; the writing of the paragraphs is a grade, and the revision of those paragraphs is a grade. If the work is worthy of a 70%, you will receive a P; if it is not, you will have to rewrite the paragraphs. This is a process, and you will receive feedback at each step.
    • You must include one piece of textual evidence in each paragraph (that’s 2 quotes total- ask for help finding things)
    • Independently-
      • Once you have finished  your paragraphs-(be sure to look for feedback- I will give as promptly as I am able)
    • Go to your (newer) Antigone tab
      • Go to ‘Heroes- tragic and otherwise’ doc.
      • Follow the directions to watch the videos and answer the questions there. You will have to stop and start the videos in order to answer the questions as they come up quickly.
    • All work above is due the afternoon before class meeting AT THE LATEST, so that I can give feedback.
    • Stay safe and be well!



    Wednesday April 8 (half day) 

    • Review final chapter questions
    • Revise your thesis statement in OneNote



    April 6 and 7---Here is the agenda-BELOW IS FOR BLOCK 1 ON MONDAY...BLOCK 3 ON TUESDAY (Last Wednesday/Thursday work has been deleted here...agenda sent in an email)

    • Welcome- Does everyone understand the schedule?
    • Our class times are Monday and Wednesday- 9:30-12:00 for block 1
    • Tuesday and Thursday- 9:30-12:00 for block 3
    • question and answer time
    • Try to keep meet-up time in first 45-60 minutes- MBIT accommodations will be implemented
    • The rest will be your work time- but I will be available for questions
    • Live talk---Go to One-Note
      • Review chapter 6 questions together- put answers in chat and I'll share
      • Discuss Unferth's heroism
      • Read aloud chapter 12
    • Independent work
      • answer questions for chapters 11 and 12- as you put work in OneNote- I will correct-
      • look at "Review and Compare" again.
      • Write a thesis statement there- use this template:
        • The first half of your thesis statement: 
          • In the novel Grendel, humans are depicted as....
            • OR
          • In the novel Grenedl, Beowulf is depicted as...
            • OR
          • In the novel Grendel, the Danes are depicted as..
        • The second half of your thesis statement:
          • You will receive feedback on that page in OneNote- this will develop into a graded writing assignment


    Day 1 Distance Learning-Grendel

    Wed. 4/1 (BLOCK 1) Thurs. 4/2 (BLOCK 3)

    • Our class times are Monday and Wednesday- 9:30-12:00 for block 1-

    Tuesday and Thursday for block 3

    • Try to keep meet-up time in first 45-60 minutes.
    • The rest will be your work time- but I will be available for questions-you are “IN ENGLISH CLASS” from 9:30-12:00
    • Go to One-Note (double screen)
      • “Review and Compare” 1-4- this will become clearer by end of novel- answer in the chat
      • Chapter questions for chapter 6
      • Independently: (This is on Teacher Site)
      • Read the summaries for chapters 7-10 in OneNote
      • You-Read the first half of chapter 11 of the novel (it is a long chapter- in the online text- read approx. 14 paragraphs- in book to p. 158- or-to paragraph that begins with "So now, for once unsure of victory, I might..."
      • Write a 4 question 'reading check'- on this section-you can do this as a group-google docs, onenote, etc.
      • SHARE with Mrs. Scott

    Tuesday March 31, 2020

    • Overview- Writing a shrinklet for chapter in the novel Grendel
    • Time 45 minutes
    • Activities- working in a group or alone- read about a Shrinklet and write one.
    • Quick thing-remember that Beowulf is a book-long poem. Grendel uses the same devices that the Beowulf poet uses
    • Tasks:
      • Go to your Grendel tab in OneNote
      • Scroll down to the “Writing a shrinklet” document near the bottom.
      • Read the description of what a shrinklet is and read the sample given
      • Brainstorm in your group about what happens in chapter 6 in the exchanges between Grendel and Unferth- both in the meadhall and down in Grendel’s cave. You can do this in the collaboration space with a password protected page- or you can do in google docs. OR you can do on your own…if you do on your own, you can write just 15 lines.
      • Write a brief synopsis for the interactions
      • Then, write a 20-30 line shrinklet that tells the entire story of the interactions between the 2 characters.
      • Please share with Mrs. Scott in an email or “share” in OneNote.



    • Monday March 30, 2020                                           
    •  Overview-reviewing term- anti-hero, and previously read chapter
    • Time 45 minutes
    • Activities- working in Canvas on group assignment- reviewing past work in OneNote
    • Quick thing-remember Hawkeye as the anti-hero?
    • Tasks:
      • Go back to your “Chapter questions” for Grendel in OneNote
      • Review your answers for chapter 6- if you completed them, I added corrections
      • Go to your “The Anti-Hero” document to review the characteristics of an anti-hero
      • Now go to your Canvas account.
      • Go to the Grendel module
      • Click on “Unferth as anti- hero”- You have been placed in randomly assigned groups there
      • FIRST- argue for or against the idea that Unferth is more heroic in the novel Grendel than he is in the poem Beowulf. Use specific examples/evidence from the novel that help to prove your point. This should be a few sentences long.
      • THEN-Respond to at least 2 other people’s responses- either agreeing with them (give a reason) or disagreeing with them (give a reason)
      • email with any questions and/or concerns


    Thursday March 26, 2020

    • Overview-reading independently- reviewing final grammar exercises
    • Time 45 minutes
    • Activities- working in OneNote on grammar review
    • Quick thing- there is a grammar section on the final exam
    • Tasks:
      • Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book
        • Your books are due this week- obviously those due dates will be postponed
      • Go to your “Grammar 2” tab in onenote
      • There is one page in there titled “Grammar Review”- this page actually contains 10 different exercises
      • For each of the rules covered-Read over the rules for each exercise BEFORE you do the sample sentences
      • Finish the last 4 exercises...I will correct in your notebook
        • Dangling Modifiers
        • Misplaced Modifiers
        • Vague Pronouns
        • Comma Splices
      • Homework-rest up- destress- stay safe- be well
      • Mrs. Scott
    Hello All-
    Mrs. Savicki has sent out some information on resources in the library.
    I have included direct links here...or you can go to the Library site and "Distance Learning".
    The SORO link is awesome- choose books by genre. I have finished my 2 books, so I'm going to use this resource.
    Stay safe and be well!
    Mrs. Scott

    Wednesday March 25, 2020

    • Overview-reading independently- reviewing grammar
    • Time 45 minutes
    • Activities- working in OneNote on grammar review
    • Quick thing- there is a grammar section on the final exam
    • Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book
      • Your books are due this week- obviously those due dates will be postponed
      • Go to your “Grammar 2” tab in onenote 
      • Continue with the exercises... 
        • Pronoun antecedent
        • active passive
        • parallel structure
    • Please email  with questions!



    • BOTH MONDAY AND TUESDAY assignments are listed below as of this morning, Monday, March 23.

    Monday March 23, 2020                                                                                                     

     Overview-reading poems- connecting to the novel

    Time 45 minutes

    • Activities- working in OneNote on poems in the Grendel tab
    • Quick thing- how did you answer last week’s prompt?
    • Tasks: 
      • Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book
      • Go to the “Poems” document in OneNote
      • Read all 3 poems and then answer the questions that follow
    • After answering the questions, answer on that page:
      • How might each poem be a reflection of the novel or the characters in the novel?
      • I will check in on your notebook to see how you do



    Tuesday March 24, 2020

    • Overview-reading independently- reviewing grammar
    • Time 45 minutes
    • Activities- working in OneNote on grammar review
    • Quick thing- there is a grammar section on the final exam
    • Take 15 minutes to read your independent reading book
      • Your books are due this week- obviously those due dates will be pushed back
    • Go to your “Grammar 2” tab in onenote
    • There is one page in there titled “Grammar Review”- this page actually contains 10 different exercises
    • For each of the rules covered-Read over the rules for each exercise BEFORE you do the sample sentences
    • Complete exercises for: (the first 3)
      • Making Subjects and Verbs Agree
      • Subject Verb Agreement Troubles…
      • Using Verbs with Indefinites
    • I will note corrections for some of the exercises for you in your notebooks











    Friday March 20, 2020                                                                                                            

    There is no assignment for today

    Please rest up- decompress- reach out with questions-have a nice weekend!


    Mrs. Scott



    Thursday March 19, 2020
    Overview-Drawing the dragon and his gold-evaluating Character-

    Time 45 minutes

    • Activities- gather what art supplies you may have around the house. Pencil and plain paper are fine.
    • Quick thing- remember the dragon from the poem Beowulf?  We are supposed to be reminded of him in the previous chapter.
    • Tasks: Drawing the dragon
      • LOOK at p. 57, 58, 59- his color, his wings, his tusks, his treasure, his eyes and eyelids, his paws, his mouth, his teeth, etc.
      • Do your best to draw the dragon in detail including his treasure
      • Add two quotes from the chapter that give a glimpse into the character of the dragon. Be sure to cite page# if you have your book home with you.
    • Closure- answer for yourself- what does the reader learn about human beings by reading both the poem, Beowulf, and the novel, Grendel? (Although we haven't finished the novel- we will finish it when we are all back together agagn- you have learned quite a bit about Grendel, the Danes, and Hrothgar, which all paint a different picture of the "heroism" of man)

    Upcoming- see your new "Grammar" tab in OneNote- we will be working through a few lessons each day as review and prep for Core Paper Writing some time in the future when we are all back together again.




     Wednesday March 18- remember-  none of this is being graded. No need to stress about the assignments here; they are "mental practice" if you will. We won't go any further in the novel after today, but we will continue to explore themes in the novel through other venues. This is an opportunity to catch up on the reading you did not do in the past 2 weeks.

    Overview-Identify Unferth as an Anti-hero-evaluating Character-45 minutes

    • Activities-reading-answering questions in OneNote, Filling in chart, writing character statement
    • Quick thing- remember Grendel STILL has not launched his war against man- he doesn’t believe the dragon at this point
    • Tasks: read chapter 6-this will take about 30 minutes
    • Review the chart in OneNote “The Anti-Hero”
    • Add a few details from chapter 6 that illustrate Unferth as an Anti-Hero

    Closure- Answer- on that page- Is Unferth from the poem Beowulf,  more or less heroic than the character Unferth from the novel Grendel?





    Overview-Grendel as an Anti-hero-effects of power-

    Time-45 minutes

    • Activities-reading, answering questions in OneNote, listening to a song, Writing a prediction
    • Quick thing- remember Grendel is still a “teenage” creature.
    • Tasks: (Link to song is in your OneNote)
    • Take 15 minutes first for your independent reading book
    • Go to your Grendel OneNote tab-
    • Answer questions for chapter 5-
      • If you have difficulty- write a note on that page and
      • I will respond with direction and hints.
    • Then- go to the new page in that tab entitles “Lyrics Prince of Darkness” click on the link to the song, listen to the song, and then answer the questions on that document. The lyrics are included
      • If you have difficulty- leave a question there and I will answer
    • Closure- answer on that song page:
      • What do you think Grendel will now do, after the advice he receives from the dragon? Remember- he has not “started the war” yet!