• Distance Learning

    Distance Learning
    1.  All Special Class Lessons can be found by visiting the Butler Homepage.

    • There is a LINK in the NEWS FROM BUTLER section titled: Specialist Distance Learning Links.
    • Please note:  Your child can CHOOSE what special they would like to complete on any given day for 20 minutes.  
      • Monday - Gym
      • Tuesday - Art
      • Wednesday - QUEST
      • Thursday - Library
      • Friday - Music
    • If you child is in STRINGS with Mrs. Hartzell please use the following links:

    2. Distance Learning WILL BE reinforcing secure skills.  I will NOT be introducing new concepts.

    3. Students are NOT graded and/or penalized if assignments are not completed.

    4.  Feedback WILL BE given. Suggested ways to receive feedback are:  Email Me or use Seesaw to share photos, videos, and/or any messages. 

    5. I will be relying on Seesaw to help us stay connected.  I will be posting videos DAILY to say hello and to share other important information.

    6.  BUTLER created a READ ALOUD FORUM for students to hear books read by teachers.  Check it out by clicking on this link:https://wke.lt/w/s/mfffPu