There are a few options for you to you select from. 

    1. Option 1: A non-technology option that is hands on and may require you to plan with a sketch and to build a final product with materials in your home.
    2. Option 2: A technology option that will require students to work on the computer to complete a task.
    3. Option 3:  A LEGO challenge which has its own page under my Distance Learning tab.  This is asks students to read LEGO adventure story and complete a build.   

    Feel free to choose the option that works best for you.  If it is just not possible to engineer today, that is fine too!  Do what is best for your family.

    If any of my engineers would like to share their projects, ideas, and/or creations, please feel free to use the email mjaeger@cbsd.org to send their celebrations to me! 

    I have also set up a FlipGrid account for the QUEST classroom. Use this grid to post your plans, ideas, creations, and/or coding games.  Directions are below.



  • Week 2

    Option 1 - Non Technology
    If you select this option last week, you can continue your scale drawing this week.
    If you did the technology option last week, you can begin this challenge today.

    Create a Scale Drawing of a Room in Your Home! 

     Overview: Measurement and Scale. This lesson is designed to accompany the Design Squad unit in QUEST which we will begin in the Spring. This lesson will be an unique introduction to observe, measure, and gather ideas in order to be prepared for the upcoming unit. This lesson asks students to measure, record, and then apply knowledge of scale to create a scale drawing of a room in their house. 

    Estimated Time30+ minutes (this option would be completed during Week 2)

    Materials: Tape measure, ruler, paper or graph paper 


    Summary – Create an exact scale drawing of one room in your house. Be sure to include the walls, doorway openings, and all furniture. 

    Specific Directions: 

    • Choose a room in your house. Observe all the walls, doorways, and furniture. 
    • Begin measuring the length of each wall, then measure all doorways and all furniture. 
    • Make a list or table that shows the name of each piece of furniture and the length/width measurements. Students are expected to measure to the nearest ¼ inch. You do not need to worry about height measurements for this activity. 
    • Record all measurements. 
    • After you are done finding your exact measurements, it’s time to create your scale measurements and create an exact scale drawing of you room. To fit on a regular piece of paper, you may want to consider using the following scale: 1 foot (real life) = ½ inch (drawing). If your room is larger than 17 feet by 24 feet, it may be easier to choose a smaller room or use a larger piece of paper for this activity. 
    • If you need a review of scale drawing, please refer to the video links below. 
    • Once you have figured out all the scale sizes of your walls and furniture, you can use your ruler to work on creating a scale drawing of your room. Try to include all furniture. 
    • If possible, post a picture of your completed work on the group chat on your QUEST Teams page. 

    Sample Scale Table: 

    Room Details and Furniture 

    Actual Size 

    Scale Drawing Size 

    (1 foot = ½ inch) 

    Walls (Room size) 

    14 feet by 10 ½ feet 

    7 inches by 5 ¼ inches 


    6 feet by 9 feet 

    3 inches by 4 ½ inches 


    7 feet by 3 feet 

    3 ½ inches by 1 ½ inches 

    Flatscreen TV 

    5 feet, 3 inches by 3 feet, 9 inches 

    2 ¾ inches by 1 ¾ inches 



    1. Measure accurately to the nearest ¼ inch and record. 
    2. Create an exact Scale drawing of a room. 
    3. Share your work via TEAMS. 


    Digital Resources and Links: 

    Review of Scale Drawing BrainPop: https://www.brainpop.com/math/ratioproportionandpercent/scaledrawing/ 

    How to sketch a room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b7QbVWOEkg 

    Extension Activities: 

    If you have time or are interested in extending this activity, here are a few cool ideas: 

    1. Create a 2ndscale drawing, only this time create the room how you would want it to be. Think of the coolest bedroom or game room design you can come up with. 
    2. Use digital tools to try this. Did you know you can create a scale drawing using Excel? Here is a link and you can always share your Excel project with your QUEST teacher through Office 365! How to create a scale drawing using Excel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0lEQF1r45E

    Option 2 - Non Technology – Create a Ramp for a Toy Car 

    OverviewEstimated Time: 30+ minutes  

    Materials: Recycled items from around the house and a tape measure if you have one. 


    Summary – Create a ramp for a toy car that will roll the farthest.  Think back to your Gravity Car days in 4th grade and your Rube Goldberg days in 3rd grade.



    1. Think about your experience in third grade when you designed Rube Goldberg Machines using inclined planes. Visit the Inclined Plane BrainPop https://www.brainpop.com/technology/simplemachines/inclinedplane/ to refresh your memory. 
    2. Next, think about the amazing gravity car the you designed and built in fourth grade. Ask yourself. “What made my car go the fastest and farthest?” 
    3. Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJLVSWtq7IA  It is super cool!
    4. Use the engineering design process Design Sheet or a piece of paper from around the house and create a ramp that will make your car jump the highest and roll the farthest using recycled items around the house.
    5. Share your results with your QUEST teacher. We would love to see how far you can make your car roll.


    Extension Activities: 

    If you have time or are interested in extending this activity, here are a few cool ideas: 

    1. See you high you can make your car jump and roll at the same time.
    2. Try different style cars that are different sizes and weights.
    3. Try to build your own car out of material you find around the house and use them with your ramp.

    Option 2: Technology 6th Grade 

    Overview: To complete coding challenges using blockly code.  

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes 

    Explanation: You will use your critically thinking and problem-solving skills to creatively solve coding challenges on code.org. 

    Quick things to know: You will need a device to access the internet.   


    1. Using an internet browser on your electronic device, go to code.org  
    2. Optional: You can also access code.org through your Clever account at myapplications.microsoft.com  
    3. From that main page, scroll down the page until you see the Hour of Code option. (it has an image of Minecraft characters above it) 
    4. Click on the words Hour of Code.  
    5. From that new window, select an hour of code challenge to complete.  
    6. You do not need to finish the hour of code challenge.  

    Method of Communication  If you choose to complete all the levels, show your certificate to someone at home or you can print and bring it to your QUEST teacher.