• Week 1

    Non-tech Option

    Overview: Plan, design build, and improve a bridge.  

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes 

    Explanation: Remember our friend Iggy Peck?  At the beginning of the school year you built a paper bridge.  For this challenge, you will use materials that you have at home, examples could include LEGOs, rolled newspapers, recyclable materials, toothpicks, etc. to build a bridge that spans a distance from one point to another.  

    Quick things to know: You can use any materials that you have at home. There are no requirements or constraints on your final product.  



    1. Plan: Draw a sketch of the bridge you would like to build. Label the sketch showing the materials you will use.
    2. Build, test, & improve: Use the materials you have available to build and improve your bridge.  
    3. Share: Present your final bridge design to someone in your house or share with your QUEST teacher.  


    Method of Communication: Share with someone at home, or take a picture and share it with your QUEST teacher through Seesaw.  


    Technology Option

    Overview: In this lesson you will use the IMAGINE, PLAN, and SHARE steps of the Engineer Design process.

    Estimated Time: 20 minutes

    Explanation: You will have an opportunity to use the story, When a Dragon Moves In, as your inspiration story.  You will use the story to imagine a new castle design that you could make from materials from the playground or your backyard.

    Three Quick Things to Know

    1. You will need a computer/laptop with sound, the internet, a piece of paper, and a pencil.
    2. The quickest way to get to this video is by googling “Storyline Online Dragon” or clicking the link in this lesson
    3. You can add color if you would like


    1. View the book, When a Dragon Moves In, courtesy of Story Line Online
    2. As you listen to the story, think about the dragon in the story and the beach.
      1. What items might you find on the beach that might belong to a dragon?
      2. What types of trouble might a dragon get into during a trip with your family to the beach?
    3. IMAGINE a “perfect castle” that you could build for your dragon on your school playground or in your own backyard.
    4. PLAN your castle by sketching a picture of the castle and add color. Think about the materials on the playground or from your backyard you could use to build each part of the castle (sticks, leaves, mulch, flowers, etc).  Label your castle.
    5. SHARE your plan with your QUEST teacher (see below)


    When a Dragon Moves In

    Method of Communication:  Options

    1. Email your QUEST teacher a picture of your plan
    2. Post a picture on a SeeSaw account if your teacher uses SeeSaw
    3. Save your picture and bring it to QUEST to share with your friends