There are a few options for you to you select from. 

    1. Option 1: A non-technology option that is hands on and may require you to plan with a sketch and to build a final product with materials in your home.
    2. Option 2: A technology option that will require students to work on the computer to complete a task.
    3. Option 3:  A LEGO challenge which has its own page under my Distance Learning tab.  This is asks students to read LEGO adventure story and complete a build.   

    Feel free to choose the option that works best for you.  If it is just not possible to engineer today, that is fine too!  Do what is best for your family.

    If any of my engineers would like to share their projects, ideas, and/or creations, please feel free to use the email mjaeger@cbsd.org to send their celebrations to me! 

    I have also set up a FlipGrid account for the QUEST classroom. Use this grid to post your plans, ideas, creations, and/or coding games.  Directions are below.



  • Week 1 


    Overview: In this activity we will design and build different structures that you can find at the zoo. Remember, you can do a little or a lot of this project, just have fun with engineering.

     Estimated Time: 20 minutes 


    Gather recyclable materials to help build your zoo. Examples of items: paper towel or toilet paper tubes, notecards, popsicle sticks, marshmallows, boxes, straws, water or juice bottles and caps, scraps of paper, etc. 

    Quick Things to Know: 

    If you are unable to print the zoo cards you may just view them online. If you do not have animals at home and cannot print the animal cards feel free to get creative and make your own animals out of recyclable materials! 



    1. Print or view the zoo cards to start building your zoo. 
    1. Challenge yourself and see how many cards you can follow. 
    1. Get as creative as you can and if possible, seesaw or email your finished zoo to your QUEST and/or homeroom teacher! 



    Zoo and Animal Cards 


    Method of Communication 

    Your choice: 
    Share with someone at home
    Bring your planning and test sheets to school when you return
    Take a video/photo and email to Mrs. Jaeger @ mjaeger@cbsd.org
    Post to Seesaw under the QUEST tab (make sure you are in the QUEST tab before posting) 

    Overview: To develop problem solving skills through coding using trial and error to solve challenges 

    Estimated Time:  20 minutes 

    Activity/Assignment:  Explore different activities with Code.org 

    Quick things to know: 

    • Code.org is a free website. 
    • You can click on the links below to open the tasks. 



    1. Click on the Links below. 
    1. Complete the activities for the challenge. 



    Method of Communication: Share with someone at home.