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                                                                                 Fact Fluency 6g


    Day 7  - Reading


    Overview:  Be a REAL reader 

    Estimated Time:  Approximately 40 minutes 


    We have been learning this year that real readers combine the author’s text with their deep reading thoughts.  

    Things to Know:

    1. REAL readers activate and add to their schema
    2. Make inferences, predictions, and connections
    3. Determine what is important make
    4. Visualize what is happening
    5. Ask questions before, during, and after reading
    6. Summarize/Reflect on what they’ve read 


    1. Read a chapter or 2 from the book you are currently enjoying for independent reading.
    2. While you are reading, use the habits of a REAL reader
    3. Complete the Day 7 activity (or another from the list) from the Distance Learning: Reading Discussions in your folder
    4. OPTIONAL – work on completing a Book Celebration from the list in your folder

     Turn in You Assignment

    You may either have a discussion with a family member or write about the topic in the journal in your folder.


    Day 7 - Math


    Overview:  Multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers without Regrouping 

    Estimated Time:  Approximately 30 minutes

    Explanation:  You can use what you know abut place value to multiply multi-digit numbers.

    Things to Know:

    1. For tutorials on how to access online Math in Focus resources using Ed Your Friend in Learning visit https://www.cbsd.org/Page/1511 (See Microsoft Student Log-in Directions in your folder)
    2. If you cannot print activities, you may write the answers on a sheet of paper.
    3. Please look at Student Workbook Chapter 5 pages 327-328 if you need guidance. 


    1. Complete the sheet called Multiplying without Regrouping.
    2. Complete the activity Day 7 Fact Fluency 6g.
    3. Optional Extra Practice: Log into Ed.  Play the mini-game Chapter 4: Pop!  Multiplication Tables.
    4. Optional Extra Practice: Practice your fast facts by doing Freckle or Pet Bingo (free iPad app).

    Turn in You Assignment

    You may share what you know about multiplying multi-digit numbers with your family members.  Bring your packet when we come back to school.


    Day 7 - Language Arts: Writing and Spelling


    • Students will complete page 7 of their Spelling Verb Tense packet.
    • Students will write in their new

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes.


    Spelling/ Grammar:  Students will review spelling strategies and practice verb tenses.

    Journal: Students will move through the steps of the writing process- planning, drafting, editing, and revising- to create a written piece.


    Spelling Verb Tense packet: Students will complete page 7

    1. Complete page 7 “Past Tense Verb Match”

     Writing: Students will write in their new Journal.

    1. Continue writing yesterday’s piece or…
    2. Read through the Distance Learning Writer’s Notebook Activity topics
    3. Select a given topic or create your own idea!
    4. Plan in your head or on a piece of planning paper.
    5. Write your piece for at least 10 – 15 minutes in your new Journal.
    6. You may publish a piece, continue a piece tomorrow or share with a family member 😊 

    Turn in You Assignment:

    Spelling/ Grammar: return completed packet to school when we return.

    Writing: bring journal to school when we return. 


    Day 7 – Social Studies/Science


    Read Scholastic News magazine Legends of the Wild West that stretches our social studies/science learning to other current events topics.

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes


    Students will use nonfiction reading strategies and social studies/science background knowledge (schema) to read and respond to Scholastic News article.


    1. Preview 2nd main news article, On Top of the World
      1. Study the special text features-title, headings, pictures/captions, maps, illustrations, diagrams, fact boxes, bold text, words to know, etc. Think about how these special text features can help you understand the text better.
      2. Preview the “News Review” questions on the back page #4-6 before you read the article.
    2. Read the 2nd main article coding the text as your read.
    3. Answer questions #4-6 in “News Review” on back page
    4. Read the rest of the magazine articles.
    5. Complete “News Map” on top of back page. 

    Turn in You Assignment:

    • Share something interesting you learned in one of the side stories with a parent or write about it in your journal.
    • Turn in your completed Scholastic News (back page) when we return to school.