Hello 5th and 6th grade initiative teams! (robotics teams read below)

    This is a great opportunity for you to utilize our collaborative technology tools (Teams, 365, email, etc.). Please continue to conquer the tasks for your initiative projects to the best of your ability. Include me in any team communications, so I can continue to support your progress. Distance learning doesn't require you to put your initiative project on hold. You got this!!!! I am available for any questions, etc. We can schedule live Team video conferences along the way to chat and plan as a group. Just let me know. Lead the way to making the change.

    I am excited to see how your group approaches the challenge of distance learning. I believe nothing can stop you!!!!


    Here is also something you can do if time allows:

    5th & 6th Grade Distance Learning Experience



    Hello Robotics Team!

    Your distance learning is a bit trickier, however, there is still plenty you can do from home. This is a great opportunity to plan your robot design, your mission choices, your attachments, your strategy, etc. Please communicate as a team via email or through Teams to decide who will conquer which tasks. Also, take this time to read through all upcoming phases of the Robotics interface and watch any videos, etc. Do as much as you can without the robot, so when you return, you are ready to program and conquer the mission field! You can access the link through Teams like you do in class, or click below. Email me with any questions along the way. Bring all ideas back to school with you (on paper or electronically, not just in your mind:)  If you have legos at home, you are welcome to build attachments and bring them to school to test.

    You may also reach out to the initiative team and offer help with tasks they are working on.

    Robotics Interface

    1. Start thinking about a design idea for your robot.  You can search for videos of robot designs for EV3 and NXT, if able to or use what you know from the design labs.  Consider tire size, height, width, motor placement, etc. Sketch out your design ideas.  

    2. Think about the missions that you think you want your robot to try.  What attachments will you need?  Sketch them out.  Which missions could use the same attachment?