•  Hello Third Grade Gamers!

    Learning at a distance can be an opportunity to challenge yourself, and have some fun at the same time!  I miss you already, and look forward to seeing your work. If you would like to ask me questions, or send me your work for feedback along the way, please have your parents help you email me. Otherwise, please bring your work to me when we return to school.


    Mrs. Long

    Choices for higher level thinking about game development while you are learning at a distance:

    1. Continue to use your organizer to develop your original game. Click link for template. I added a link for playtesting feedback in case you build your prototype and have friends or family test your game.

    Game Design Organizer

    Play Test Feedback Form 

    Game Mechanics Guide (overview of all game mechanics to use as a reference)


    2. Complete one or more board game analyses for a game you like to play at home. Feel free to use our creative options as well (imovie, pic collage, book creator, etc.)

    Board Game Analysis Form

    3. Create a game expansion (see below)

     Create a Game Expansion