Distance Learning Day 1- World Languages 

    Course: Spanish 3

    Date:  Tuesday, March 17th 2020


    Please see the lesson details below and email me with any questions!



    Continue vocabulary and preterit/imperfect review


    Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes


    Explanation (learning goal): 

    • Review how to express what happened in the past in Spanish; Continue to talk about family relations using new vocabulary.


    Materials that are Needed:

    Material:  Documents in Canvas/ Vocabulary Flashcards

    Resource:  https://www.cbsd.org/canvas




    1. Calentamiento–A) Repaso: Escucha la canción (Review HACER el pretérito)


    B) ¿Qué hiciste durante el fin de semana? Write 3 things that you did over the weekend (use the preterit).  Write in the assignment “Calentamiento” in Canvas.


    2.   Pretérito/Imperfecto: Please note, the online textbook has been having some glitches.  If you are having trouble, please try to access it from FIREFOX.  If you cannot access it today, please don’t worry! 

    A) Review p. 46 of the textbook:  U1 D3 Gramática


    B)  Activities #38-#39

    U1 D3 Gramática

     C) Practice – worksheet assignment in Canvas


    1. Vocabulario 1.3–A)Use Flashcards on Quizlet to quiz yourself on vocabulary!



     B)  Write 10 sentences using vocabulary words.  Please underline the word in each sentence.


    Method of Communication: