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    1.  Overview
      1. As we begin to initiate distance learning, please know that activities will be posted on every teacher’s website. It is important to note that ALL 1stgrade ELD students are expected to complete ELD activities only.  If you or your child would like to complete the reading and writing activities posted by the homeroom teachers that would be in addition to and not in place of the activities presented in our ELD Distance Learning Classroom.  Please check this website daily to access the daily reading and writing expectations for ELD students.
      2. All ELD 1st grade students were given a red folder labeled ELD Distance Learning Folder. Additionally some supplies including pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue were provided to ensure that students have access to any and all materials they may need to complete the daily assignments.


    1. Estimated Time   
      1. 1 hour of reading
        1. Students will be asked to complete reading and phonics activities for approximately 1 hour each day.
      2. 1 hour of writing
        1. Students will be asked to complete writing and word work activities for approximately 1 hour each day.


    1. Explanation of Activity/Assignment  
      1. Reading activities – Students are asked to read for 20 minutes each day. Once they have completed reading they should log onto SeeSaw to share about one of the books they read.  Students should include the title of the story and tell one thing about the story.  They should also include if they would recommend it to a friend and why.
      2. Spelling Activities - Students will be asked to complete about 20-30 minutes of spelling practice each day.  They may work on Spelling City or on SeeSaw to complete the daily task.
      3. Writing Activities - Students will be aasked to complete a writing prompt from the journal, which is in their red ELD Distance Learning folder.  This should include answering the prompt and providing 2-3 sentences to support their writing.  Each writing piece should also include a detailed picture that represents their writing.
      4. Word Wall Activities - Students will be asked to review the Fundation Trick words we have learned in Units 1-6 so far this year.  Upon review an activity to practice reading or writing these words will also be assigned.

    4. Quick things to know 

      1. Raz Kids Log in information:
        1. Username: Jmurphy116
        2. Select Your name
        3. Select Password: apple 
      2. SeeSaw QR code for login - Click Here
      3. Epic! - Class Code: caw1832
      4. Spelling City Login Code: Click Here
      5. Fundations Word Wall: Click Here
    1. Tasks  
      1. Reading – 1 hour
        1. 20 minutes of reading on Raz Kids or Epic
        2. 10 minutes of reading response on SeeSaw
        3. 20 minutes of phonics practice – Headsprout, Spelling City, or Spelling Tic Tac Toe
        4. 10 minutes of spelling application activity on SeeSaw or in free write journal.
      2. Writing – 1 hour
        1. 30 minutes of writing and illustrating a writing prompt from My First Journal (see packet in ELD Distance Learning Folder).
        2. 10 minute review of Fundation trick Words
        3. 20 minute complete one Word Wall activity of your choice using the Fundations Word Wall.
    1. Links/Activities 
      1. Reading -
      2. SeeSaw -
      3. Spelling City -
      4. Epic! -