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    Reading Comprehension

    Starting in kindergarten, we introduce ways for students to discuss what they are reading. In the primary grade levels, we ask students to retell the stories they read. A five finger retelling will be a good resource to use at home to help younger readers talk about book. As students get older, we want them to have deeper discussions about a story. The independent reading questions will give you a sense of what we are looking for our older readers to share about the books they are reading.


    Primary 5 Finger Retelling

    Intermediate Book Conferencing Questions



    Fluency is the ability to quickly and accurately read text with expression. We start modeling and practicing fluency in kindergarten and continue throughout all elementary grade levels. Below are ways to practice fluency at home.

    1. Model fluent reading – Read aloud to your child. No matter the age.

    2. Choral Reading – Read aloud and ask your child to follow at the same pace.

    3. Reread Favorite Books – Reread familiar text to promote fluent reading.

    4. Timed Reading – Time your child reading a passage. Reread it and see if they can beat the time.


    Primary Fluency Rubric

    Intermediate Fluency Rubric



    Before, During & After Reading

    Students need to be actively engaged in a text before, during, and after they read. Pre-reading activities encourage students to access background knowledge and preview text features. During reading activities consist of students thinking about the characters, setting and events and asking questions about the story. When finished reading students can summarize the text and share new learnings.

    Primary Before, During & After Reading Strategies

    Intermediate Before, During & After Strategies