• Hi PEnsters!

    I was really disappointed last week to hear the news that we won't be going back to Doyle this year.  I was hoping we would be back this year.  😢

    This week, we start the new or updated PEn units.  ALL WORK FOR THESE PEn UNITS IS MANDATORY.  (You can continue to work on the Mars activities and problem-solving books if you choose.)  I will be sending weekly emails to you at your school email and to your parents so if you cannot get to your school email, your parents will be able to keep you aware of your assignments.  I will also send announcements to you and your parents through SeeSaw for any SeeSaw activities.

    SeeSaw will be the primary way you will receive assignments.  I will list the assignments on the main PEn Distance Learning webpage, your Distance Learning grade-level web page and in the weekly email.

    If you have any questions, email me.

    Here are the updated SeeSaw assignments that are due by 4/17.

    2nd Grade - Updated Simple Machines unit.  Wedge lesson.

    3rd Grade - Updated Game-On plan.  Game Mechanics Review lesson.

    4th, 5th and 6th Grades - New Unit- TEDTalks Introductory lesson.

  • Update 4/6

    Hi all,

    This is a short week for you.  To those of you who celebrate the upcoming holidays, Happy Passover and Happy Easter!  Most of you know my family celebrates both, but this year for us, as for you, it will look very different.  I am trying to look at it from the viewpoint that we are living in historic times.  This time and event is being recorded and kids in the future will read about it.  We will be able to say we were there. 

    Continue to work on the assignments for Mars, Game-On, and the problem packets.

    Check your emails later today (Monday).  I am arranging some Teams video meetings for us for this week.  These will be a chance to say hi, see each other, catch up a bit, and make sure I know how to get a Teams meeting to work with you.

    Tuesday morning I will post a quick SeeSaw assignment you MUST respond to so I know you are up and running on SeeSaw.  I know many of you are accessing SeeSaw and it has been GREAT seeing you, but respond to the one I post on Tuesday.  Mondays will be when I post assignment updates and new materials (when appropriate).  Tuesdays will become the regular day I will post a mandatory "check-in" for you to complete that week.  It may be SeeSaw or Flip grid, but they will post on Tuesdays.

    So, what's coming up?  The PEn teachers have developed a new unit for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades (6th grade, we can still work on the tree project and the lantern fly project,...maybe, but we'll talk).  I think you'll like it.  Third grade will be working on an adapted Game-On unit and second grade will continue with the simple machines unit.

    I REALLY miss you and seeing you in the halls and in PEn!

    Below are the more formal things you need to know.

    Take care of yourselves and be nice to everyone in your house...yes, even your bothersome siblings....I've heard you complain about them.  :-)


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Update 3/30

  • Hi PEnsters!      3/30

    I sent you a SeeSaw activity to say a basic hi on SeeSaw to make sure you can access SeeSaw.  I'll add another activity tomorrow in the afternoon that will be due later in the week.


    Continue to work on your projects and problem solving packets.  If you have any questions, email me.



    I hope all of you're doing well!  I hope you're following the directions and spending time with your family!

    This week the assignments will be pretty basic. Continue to work on the things you were assigned last week. Third graders, review some games, make changes to a game, design a new game if you want. Fourth graders you can work on what you're able to for your invention. If you can't do that, work on the Mars projects. Fifth and sixth grade, you can work on whatever you are capable of doing from home regarding your projects. This will include PowerPoints, video presentations etc. If you're not able to work on any of those, work on the Mars project.

    All of you can work on your problem-solving packets if you have time. Also, I put a video discussion in the "Random Stuff" section if you would like to watch it, do some research, and then make some comments on your opinion.  I'll add another video if people are interested.  I also put two new problems in the "for anyone" section.

    If you have any questions, or just want to touch base about anything, feel free to email me.


    Mr. Marshall

  • Hi PEnsters!

    While you are not coming to PEn, I have listed some activities for each grade level below.

    Second and third grade, you have an additional packet I gave you and is inclded in your section on this page.

    Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade, there are logic and problem solving packets in your section.

    Check in daily, or at least on the days you normally have PEn, by clicking the grade level images below, or the links in the left column, for any updates.

    If you are looking for more ideas, ckick on the, "For Anyone" link and the "Random Stuff" link.  I will post puzzles, problems, and other things there for anyone who wants to try them.

    I will be checking email throughout the day, so feel free to email me any questions.  Also, if you have something fun you are doing, and would like to suggest it to others, let me know.


    I will miss you over the next two weeks!  Let's look at this as an opportunity to try new things and learn things we would not have in class.


    Check out the "Random Stuff" section!!  (Over in the left column.)


    Mr. Marshall


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