Distance Learning


    Please know that the idea is to reinforce skills, and to provide students with learning opportunities while they are not in school.  Students should only complete what they are able to complete and what their household can accommodate.  No student will be penalized for not completing the tasks suggested. I miss everyone and hope to be back in our classroom together soon:)

    With kind regards,

    Mrs. Sherman



    • The assignments each day will be posted at this site by 8:30 am.
    • Students shoudl have all of the necessary materials in the "Grab Bag" they brought home.
    • Assignments are intended to take 3-4 hours daily
    • If your child cannot locate the necessary materials from thier grab bag, they will be available on Teams or seesaw
    • Students can access Teams by logging into Ofice 365, then clicking the Teams app.
    • If your child has a different match teacher, check out that teacher's web site for math assignemtns for the day.
    • Each day your child should go to the special area teacher for additional activities
    • I will be available to field questions via email throughout the school day.  


    Additonal Resouces


    • Our reading specialist, Mrs. Sherenian/Mrs. Mattia/Mrs. Harlan has gathered additional reading resources to use at home.  Click here to access her site.
    • Click here to access the Mill Creek Distance Learning page.  Here you will find links to the specialists, reading specialists, counselors, and nurse.


     Suggestions for Social-Emotional Well-being during Distance Learning and Social Distancing due to Coronavirus Pandemic