• Lesson Date: March 16-20

    For a list of some fun sites with online books to read, watch or listen to, click on Online Resources for Independent Reading.  Please be aware that links and content may change since the publishing of this list.

    Looking for ways to strengthen your library skills without using technology?  You can substitute this activity for any of the grade level lessons below:

    Choose a book(s) that you have not read before.  Read for at least 20-30 minutes.  Record in a journal the title of the book, the author of the book, how long you read, and what you enjoyed the most about those parts of the book.  Bring your reading journal to the library the next time you have library class.


    Kindergarten: Mrs. Moran has been helping you to learn about the library.  You have been learning about all of the different parts of a book.  Choose one way to practice:

    1. Choose a book from your house.  Tell someone in your home all of the parts you know on the front, back and inside.  Tell some of the extra things you might see on a library book (hint: think about the spine)

    2. Download and print this Parts of a Book cut and paste page.  Have someone help you with the tools you will need (scissors, glue or tape).  Bring the finished paper with you to the library the next time you visit.


    Grade 1: Elephant and Piggie!  Click HERE to find out what Miss Thomas has planned for you.  Here are some fun coloring pages and crafts to do:

    Elephant and Piggie Coloring

    Elephant and Piggie Decide

    Draw Piggie

    Elephant and Piggie Puppets


    Grade 2: How well do you know your ABCs?  Click HERE to review how knowing your ABCs can help you in the library.  Try this ABC Order activity!


    Grade 3: Don't let it BUG you!  Review your research skills using World Book and play a fun game about insects.  Click HERE for the research review activity and game play directions.



    Grade 4: Think back to our research about Bessie Coleman or Neil Armstrong -- both amazing people.  Click HERE for a chance to dig deeper into the life and achievements of Neil Armstrong.



    Grade 5: Freedom of choice!  You can pick anything you like in World Book Student!  Click HERE for how to access World Book from home and how to submit your assignment. 



    Grade 6: Living in Pennsylvania is fantastic!  Our state has a lot to offer.  Click HERE to learn more about our state and some of the interesting things that you can do, see, and experience.