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    The left column is for band students and the right column is for general music classe

    All lessons and assignments will be on Seesaw for the rest of the year. So please go to Seesaw and look for your music class or band class and see what's up. You can do the assignments anytime you like and submit your work through Seesaw (only I will see it) and I will send you any feedback. Also, if you have questions email me anytime and I will check during my office hours time listed below. 


    All Classes please note:

    • April 6-8 week (4) there will be no new content posted for the week of April 6th.  In the meantime, you are welcome to check out optional, additional resources or past lessons that are posted to my School Wires site. I’m looking forward to connecting with you next week, starting on Tuesday, April 14th. At that point I will be directing you to use Seesaw for assignments and communication. 


  • 5th and 6th Grade Band (Jamison and Pine Run)

    Week 3 - March 30 - April 3

    Good news! This week High Hopes is available to listen to or play along with. FYI, its not an audio file its a YouTube video. The links to listen to or play along with "Flash Point" and "Drummin' Surfari" and below in week 1. 

    Please still continue to practice these 3 songs for the spring concert using the practice tips at the bottom of the page. Check specifics below. Don't forget to fill out your practice sheet and practice 15-30 minutes per day, 5 days per week and you can still get prizes when you complete a page when we return. Again this week I would love to hear you play. Use the flip grid link in week 2 to show me what you can do. Doesn't have to be concert songs could be any song you like or from your book or your own composition. As always most of all enjoy playing make it fun. Use crazy hats, sunglasses, dress up, get your sibs or parents to dance, decorate your inst. 

    Email me with any questions hbower@cbsd.org I am available Monday - Friday 9:30am-12:30pm or can set up video chat at another time if you need face to face help.

    High Hopes Specifics: 

    Flutes, Clarinets and Alto Sax work on Measures 34 - 42 Clarinets check the note C#(C sharp) in measure 35 & 38. Flutes check the B natural in Measure 38. Sax check the G#(G sharp) in measures 37 & 41. Click Here for Clar, Flt, Sax fingering

    Trumpets remember Bb (B Flat) 1st Valve all thoughout the song.

    Drummin' Surfari Specifics

    Trombone and Baritone work on measures 17 - 29 check the Ab (A flat) Trombone 3rd position and Baritone 1st valve.

    Percussion 1 Snare Drum work on measures 5 - 41 where basically you have a repeated 2 measure phrase which is measure 5 & 6. Click this for counting clarification. Also continue to practice your rudiments from week 1: Multiple Bounce Roll, Single Paradiddle, Flam and Flam Tap.

    Week 2 -  March 23 - 27 Continue to practice band music for the spring concert as listed in week 1. Also, keep filling out your practice sheet, practicing 5 times per week 15-30 minutes. 

    NEW THIS WEEK - Go to my flipgrid https://flipgrid.com/bowerband password: Bowerband and play something and make a video for fun. Check out my video for ideas. 

    Week 1 - March 16 - 20Your assingment is to continue to practice your band music for the spring concert. Those pieces are "High Hopes", "Flash Point" and "Drummin' Surf-ari".

    If you have lost or don't have music please email me and I can send you a copy hbower@cbsd.org 

    You can still fill out your practice sheet and get prizes when we return to school here is a link to the practice sheet if you need it. You need to practice 5 times per week 15-30 minutes, check a box and have a parent sign it.

    Here are links to audio of Flash Point and Drummin' Surf-ari so you can listen to them as a guide. Unfortunatley there is not an exact recording published yet of High Hopes. If one becomes available I will add the link. 

    Percussion also work on: check out these lessons from the Vic Firth website Multiple Bounce Roll, Single Paradiddle, Flam and Flam Tap

    Practice tips and ideas:

    1. Choose small phrases and start slowly and when correct repeat 5 - 8 times correctly then go on to the next phrase. Work through the song like this. Do not just play the parts you know, or play begining to end with mistakes. Stop and concentrate on measures that are giving you ttrouble.

    2. Once you are successful with 2-4 measure phrases them try to put 2-4 phrases together straight through.

    3. Play other music from your book that you are familiar with and enjoy.

    4. Play a short concert for a family member or face time a friend maybe who is also a band member and perform for each other.

    5. Most of all Enjoy playing and have fun.

    If you need any help please contact me and I would be happy to answer any questions or try to set up a video or phone call virtual lesson. 



  • General Music (Jamison, Bridge Valley, Pine Run)

    Week 3 - March 30 - April 3

    Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2, 3 

    This weeks activitiy you will be creating music with Chrome Music Lab which is a web based and free

    Chrome Music Activity

    Grades 3, 4, 5, 6

    This week you will be creating a playlist of 8 songs that define you! 

    Creating your life playlist

    Week 2 - March 23 - 27

    This week in music check out my flipgrid https://flipgrid.com/bowermusic password Musicclass and there are a few things to choose from. 

    Also there are still enrichment links at the bottom of this page for musical fun! any questions or comments email me at hbower@cbsd.org

    Week 1 - March 16 - 20

    Your child’s first distance learning music assignment is to make a connection with a family member or care giver through music. Click here for the assignment details and activity sheet. If you have any questions, please email me at hbower@cbsd.org 

    If you would like further extension of this week’s music lesson, please see the appropriate grade-level link below (includes technology and technology-free options):

    1st Grade: Visit https://pbskids.org/games/music/ and make music with your favorite PBS characters. Visit Pinkalicious’ Pink-A-Perfect band and design your own instrument, spin and sing with Daniel Tiger or make music tracks with Martha the dog! Can’t access this website? Make a list of songs you know from TV shows. How many can you sing?

    2nd Grade: Make your own Music! Visit http://jamzone.littlekidsrock.org/games/ and create your own rhythm patterns and drum for fun! Can’t access the website? Find 3 items in your kitchen and create your own drum set! Play some music and be the drummer of your very own rock band!

    3rd Grade: Be an a capella composer! Visit https://www.incredibox.com/ and click the “Try Web Version” option. You can choose your performer, and as you drag and drop clothing on him, he will perform different vocal rhythms and patterns. Layer these sounds and create your own a capella song! Can’t access the site? How many different sounds can you make with your voice? Can you be a drum? What about a cymbal or guitar? Make a list of all the different instrument sounds you can make with your voice only!

    4th Grade: Make your own instrument! We have learned about the String, Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion families, now try to make your own instruments from household items! Visit https://www.mydso.com/dso-kids/activities/make-your-own-instrument to find out how to make and play homemade instruments. Don’t have the materials? Make a list of things around your house that make noise and what family they might belong in if they were an instrument.

    5th Grade: Ever want to be a Hip Hop star? Go to http://jamzone.littlekidsrock.org/lessons/?instrument=vocals and take a voice lesson on hip hop! Can’t access the link? Write your very own rap about something that you are passionate about.

    6th Grade: Let’s explore the world of music tech! Check out http://jamzone.littlekidsrock.org/lessons/?instrument=tech to learn how to sample your own music and even use your iPad or Garage Band app on your phone to mix your own music! Can’t access this link? Imagine you are in your own band. What type of music would you play? Would you be the singer, drummer or something else? What is your band’s name? Draw a poster advertising your