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    Pages you might need: 

    --Link to Mill Creek's Distance Learning Page:Mill Creek Distance Learning page 

    (Here you will find links to the specialists, reading specialists, counselors, and nurse.)

    Mental Wellness:

    --Mr. Chapman's Guidance Distance Learing Page:  (we could all use this!) https://www.cbsd.org/Page/47170

    Tech help:

    --Link to Mrs. Jansen's website for information on how to access anything you need online: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/43506


    --Mr. Losch's Band Distance Learning page is here: https://www.cbsd.org//Domain/1217

    --Mrs. Hartell's schoolwires homepage link is: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/4376 and Mrs. Hartzell's Distance Learning page link is: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/49915


    --Our reading specialist, Mrs. Harlan has gathered additional reading resources to use at home.  Click here to access her site.


    --A Link to our PEN teacher, Mrs. Davis's site: Mrs. Davis's site

    Other 5th grade teachers:

    --Link to Mr. Mole's Math Page for those students in his class:  www.cbsd.org/molenariville

    --Link to Mrs. Angelo's Page for her Math Lessons: Mrs. Angelo's site

    --Link to Mrs. Lichorobiec's Page for her Math, Reading, and/or Writing lessons: Mrs. L's site 

    --Link to Mrs. Regec's Page for her Math lessons: Mrs. Regec's site 

  • Click here for an easier to follow version of what is below... Word Document with all of March 17th's Distance Learing Plans


    Chambley Children’s Distance Learning for Day 1

    March 17, 2020

    Dear Chambleys,

    It is me, your teacher!  Remember me?  I miss you!!

    Before we get started, here are a few things to keep in mind...

    -The format on the district website is always hard to follow.  For clearer directions, please go to our Teams page for each individual subject.  Also, any materials you might need will be located on Teams. I will attach a Word doc with the lessons on there as well. (Go to Mrs. Jansen’s teacher site if you don’t know how to get on Teams: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/43506)

    -Under each subject, I am linking to any other teachers you might have as best I can.  Visit their pages for more information. Math should be almost the same for all of us, however there might be different optional activities listed.  

    -You can email me, message me over SeeSaw, Remind, Moby, or even Teams any time you need me.

    -I miss you!! I am proud of you for helping out at home and letting your parents get some work done.  You are big kids and you can do this!  We will do it together!  

    Even More Importantly, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Today is a little busy with this Distance Learning roll out, but we will have some St. Pat’s fun throughout the week! Never fear!

    Here we go…


    Starting the Day: It is Time for Homeroom!

    Please complete the following “Homeroom Activities.”

    • Make your bed. Pick up your dirty clothes from yesterday.  
    • Brush your teeth, eat breakfast and put some clean clothes on!
    • Give your family hugs, especially your parents.
    • Create a workspace for yourself. It could be in your room, basement, kitchen, wherever, but make it your official classroom, and leave your siblings alone!  They have their own work to do. 
    • Gather some supplies. Sharp pencils would be a good start.
    • Complete page one in your handwriting packet.
    • Log into SeeSaw if you have not already done so. Send me a video!  Tell me how your days away have been. I miss your faces.  When I get my makeup😊 on I will make you a video, maybe my lovely cat will even make an appearance.


    1st Period: Math:

    Link to Mr. Mole's Math Page for those students in his class:  www.cbsd.org/molenariville

    Link to Mrs. Angelo's Page for her Math Lessons: Mrs. Angelo's site

    Link to Mrs. Lichorobiec's Page for her Math lessons: Mrs. L's site 

    Link to Mrs. Regec's Page for her Math lessons: Mrs. Regec's site 


    Day 1 Chambley Math:


    Overview:  Prime Numbers / Composite Numbers / Factors / Multiples


    Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes


    Explanation:  Today you will create a set of number cards.  You will also review prime and composite numbers, as well as complete activities using your knowledge of factors and multiples. 


    Things to know:


    • The following definitions can be used while completing the tasks for today.
      • prime number – A prime number has only two different factors, 1 and itself.
      • composite number – A composite number has more than 2 different factors.
      • factor – 12 can be divided exactly by 2. So, 2 is a factor of 12.
      • multiple – A multiple of a number is the product of the number and any other whole number except zero.
    • If you do not have the supplied worksheets for this day, or can’t print them out, it is fine to create your own based off the supplied worksheets. You can also type on them with text boxes on the Microsoft Word version of materials below.



    • Create a set of number cards.
      • ****These cards will be used for various activities, so save them from day to day.
      • As a suggestion, you could use 10 index cards, 10 post it notes, or even 10 sheets of similarly sized paper to make your number cards.
      • Place one digit on each card (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
    • Prime/Composite:
      • Shuffle your set of number cards.
        • Flip over one card at a time.
        • Determine if the number on the card is a prime number of a composite number.
      • Complete the PRIME/COMPOSITE T-Chart worksheet page.
        • You may develop numbers on your own or use your number cards to create number to sort into each category.
      • Factors:
        • Locate 5 numbers in your house. Each number must be a two-digit number.  Fill in the Factors Chart for all 5 numbers. 
      • Multiples:
        • Complete the Multiples worksheet by writing the next multiples of a chosen number.


    Bonus Activity:  Spend 10-20 minutes on Moby Max Math tab (mobymax.com)


    How is this assignment turned into the teacher?

    • If you would like, please take a picture and submit it on our math class’s teams page. I will have an assignment listed for submission.


    2nd Period: Special: Physical Education

    Physical Education with Mrs. Leuthe:  https://www.cbsd.org/Page/47173

    Get Moving and Have Some Fun!




    3rd Period: Writing:

    Day 1 Chambley Writing

    Overview: Reviewing How to Write the Conclusion to an Informational Writing Piece

    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 Minutes

    Explanation: Today you will access a PowerPoint to guide your writing lesson.  First, you will watch a video reviewing how to write a conclusion.  Next, you will review your writing draft and thinking about what you want to say in your conclusion.  Finally, you will give it a try!  You will type one possible conclusion paragraph.

    Quick Things to Know:


    • Go to our Class Teams Page
    • Access the PowerPoint
    • Also, open up your writing piece though Office 365. Don’t forget to view it in Desktop Mode if that is possible.
    • Go through the Slide Show and follow the directions
      • You will review a video reminding you how to write a fabulous conclusion paragraph
      • You will review and think about your writing piece
      • You will type one possible introduction and submit it to me.
    • Be sure you follow the directions carefully!




    4th Period: Lunch/Recess:

    Go Outside and Play or Have a Brain Break Inside



    5th Period: Reading

    Day 1: Chambley Reading

    Overview: Reviewing Main Idea and Details

    Estimated Time: Approximately 45 Minutes (not including Independent Reading time of approx. 20 minutes)

    Explanation: Today you will watch a Brain Pop video reviewing Main Ideas.  You will take a quiz on BrainPop to check your learning.  Next, you will try to complete your first worksheet over Brain Pop.  Finally, you will work in the reading packet I sent home.  Don’t forget to get some independent reading time in today.

    Quick Things to Know:

    • You will need to access Brain Pop through your clever account through Office 365. Remember, Mrs. Jansen’s website is an excellent resource if you forget how to do that. Link to Mrs. Jansen’s site: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/43506
    • Remember you can reach me over Teams, email, or your parents can Remind App me.


    • Log On to BrainPop through Clever through Office 365.
    • Once you are on there – select our reading class and you will see assignments
    • Complete the assignments related to Main Idea.
      • First, watch the video
      • Then, take the quiz
      • Finally, complete the worksheet by typing right on the screen
    • After that, open up your “Just in Case” folder that you brought home from school and take out the Main Idea packet. Read and Complete page 1 of the packet.  Remember that in these packets, the notes at the top of the first page are super important. 
    • Be sure you follow the directions carefully!
    • IR Time! YAY!  It is finally time for IR.  Please read for at least 20 minutes today.  If it is nice outside, try reading outside.  You know the importance of IR in our Chambley world.  Make this time super serious and super silent. 
      • Don’t forget about the possibility of using EPIC for eBooks and audiobooks. I will attach a reminder about how to access EPIC on Teams. 
      • I am in the process of making a Google Forms IR reading log you can click on from home. In the meantime, just make a note of the book, time, and how many pages you read at home today and hopefully you can log it in by tomorrow. 


    • Log in to Office 365 though the CBSD Website
    • Remember to use Mrs. Jansen’s website if you need help accessing anything from home

    Method for Turning in:

    I will see your Brain Pop Submissions over the website.



    6th Period: Social Studies:

    Day 1: Chambley Social Studies

    Overview- Roanoke

    Estimated Time- 30 minutes

    Explanation- Today, we are going to practice nonfiction reading by reading about Roanoke.


    1. All of these directions plus links to the actual materials can be found in more detail on Teams:


    1. Log in to TCI through Clever. Find your assignments tab.  It will take you to Chapter 6 in our Social Studies Book. 
    1. Read: The Introduction to Chapter 6 online and complete the Preview page in your notebook. You can do that online on TCI or I will attach physical copies of the pages at the bottom of this lesson. 

    It asks: Suppose that you are going to attend school in another country. You don’t know the language, your way around the new school building, or any of the school traditions. Write a few paragraphs about what this experience might be like. What challenges would you face? How would you meet those challenges?

    -Here is what it looks like online: Just type your answer here





    1. Next, you will be reading Section 1: The Lost Settlement of Roanoke online.
    2. While reading, jot down key words and phrases that stand out to you as being important.
    3. You will be completing 1 page in your notebook. You can do that online on TCI or I will attach physical copies of the pages at the bottom of this lesson.  Use this list you created while reading to help you complete page 34 in your workbook.  Your job is to finish the statements to describe something the figure saw, heard, touched, ate, and felt (emotions).  Please use the word bank to help you.



    -Here is what it looks like on the computer.  Just type in the green box.






















    How is this assignment turned into the teacher?  

    • If you are using the worksheet or writing on paper…Please take a picture and submit it on our Social Studies Class’s Teams:



    • If you are using the online TCI notebook- just complete the assignment and sub


    Keep reading …

    Last Period: It is Time for Dismissal! 

    We made it through the first day!  Remember during dismissal ….


    Love you all my Chambleys, and I will ‘see’ you tomorrow on here.  Have a great night.


    Mrs. C