(formerly known as The Monthly Robe)

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    Important Announcements & Info:   
    • Robe Choir in-person auditions this week - Oct 13 & 14 - video auditions due by 11:59 PM on Thursday, October 14th 
      • Robe Choir audition results should be posted here after school on either Monday, October 18th or Tuesday, October 19th 
    • First week of Band/Orch chorus doubling will be week of Oct 11
    • Click here to sign up for Mr. Glaser and Mr. Kelly's A.V. Club 
    • Click here to self-enroll in the Holicong Coffeehouse link to access the information and sign up to do a music or poetry performance.  
    • First Robe Choir rehearsal - next Wednesday, October 20th!  
     This Week's Choir Schedule/Special Events:
    M 10/11 - NONE
    T 10/12 - NONE
    W 10/13 - Robe Auditions
    Th 10/14 - Robe Auditions
    F 10/15 - Coffeehouse Music Rehearsal Day #1
    Next Week's Choir Schedule/Special Events:
    M 10/18 - Holicong A.V. Club First Meeting - 2:45-4:00
    T 10/19 - NONE
    W 10/20 - Robe Choir Practice 2:45-4:00
    Th 10/21 - Robe Auditions
    F 10/22 - Coffeehouse Music Rehearsal Day #1
    Upcoming Performances/Special Events
    Robe Choir Auditions - October 13th and 14th 
    Holicong Fall Coffeehouse - October 22nd
    Holicong Spring Musical Auditions - Date TBA
      The rehearsal and performance schedule for all choral groups is updated regularly on Mr. Glaser's calendar page.
    Click here to download/print the Holicong Choir make up/excuse form if you need to miss a 7th, 8th or 9th Grade Choir after school rehearsal.  Remember, you must inform Mr. Glaser prior to missing the rehearsal (unless you have a legitimate last minute emergency).  It's best to email him or send a Remind message so there is a record of you communicating.