• Please see the three links below!  This week's plans for students and parents are below!  All materials are in TEAMs under the "Files" and "Assignment" Tabs.



    Please click on the links below for important information on our daily schedule and student expectations!

    1. Distance learning schedule (Cerauli- 4C Rm 207)

    Distance Learning Schedule (Cerauli)

    2. Information on how to access all technology platforms that students use can be found in the Student Expectations link below!

    Students expectations


    Also, I wanted to add that kids should be going to our Specialist’s web sites on school wires on the day that we have each special. 

    Here is a link to the teacher web sites!


    Monday: Library

    Tuesday: Quest

    Wednesday: Gym

    Thursday: Art

    Friday: Music

    Thank you!

    Frank Cerauli