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    Distance Learning Office Hours:  

    Monday, June 8th

    *all assigments are also posted and explained in greater detail on TEAMS under "Homeroom" and can be worked on and turned in through TEAMS or emailed to me.  The link below explains how to get to TEAMS.  If you're having trouble with Teams you can download the lessons below and email them to me.  If all else fails, you can type the answers directly into an email to me.

    *If you open an assigment in TEAMS, but find you are not able to type directly in the assignment, you will need to open the document in the desktop app.  Then you'll need to save the document and share it with me.  The link below explains how to save a document and share it with me.


    Morning Meeting:  Morning Meetings will happen every morning at 9:00 in TEAMS.  If you missed our Morning Meeting Live Chat, you can watch the video in TEAMS.  The link below will explain how to find the video in TEAMS.



    Final Project: Click here for Lesson

    Click here for pics and vids ppts

    you have all week to work on your final project

    Estimated Time:  60 min.


    -the link below will take you to specials (QUEST, PE, Library, Music, Art).


    Estimated Time:  20 min.

    -the link below will take you to resources for PEN.




    Plan a vacation for your family with only $1000...This project requires some math, research skills, and creativity to plan a family vacation with only $1000.  

    Click here for Project Details

    Click here for example

    Click here for another example


    Project 2:

    Desing your dream room and calculate the cost of paint and flooring.

    Click here for Project Details



    Khan Academy: 

    Looking for a challenge.  Click on the link below and work through some Khan Academy pre algebra tracks.



    Click on the link below and try to find the answer to the science scavenger hunt.  A new scavenger hunt is posted every day.   Type your answer in an email to Mr. H.




    Doylestown Hospital has expressed a need for cards and greetings for their patients. Please spend some time this week making a card, puzzle, coloring picture etc. to brighten these patient’s day.