• Algebra II/Trig


    Date: March 17, 2020

    Overview: 5.3 and 5.4: Conjugates and Imaginary Numbers

    Estimated Time: 45 min

    Explanation: Today you will be reviewing how to simplify nth roots and radicals and change between rational exponent form and radical form. 

    Three quick things to know:

    1. The "game plan" has changed since you left school on Thursday.  We are no longer doing new information as originally planned.   We will only be reviewing previously learned skills. 
    2. Try using your "perfects" table to help with simplifying (one is included in learning information in case you don't have yours!)
    3. Don't forget you also have notes on these topics so you could go back and check them for further clarification. 


      - Review any important information you need in learning information/watch videos (approx. 15 min)

      - Do practice (approx. 30 min)

    ** The answer key to the practice is below so that you can check your work and know if you have any clarifying questions to ask!

    Links/Activities:  See One Note under the Distance Learning Section

    Method of Communication:

    • Email Ms. Coleman with any questions or concerns.
    • Feel free to write questions in your one note and when I check your practice I can respond there as well.