• Distance Learning Phase 2 - All Class Information Posted on Canvas 

    Weekly Class Schedule of Synchronous Teams Meetings

    Monday          9:30-10:30AM 1A Choir          

    Tuesday         9:30-10:30AM 3A Choir          12-1PM 4A Choir          2:30-3:30PM West Choir-Student Executive Board Meeting

    Wednesday    9:30-10:30AM 1B Basic Music Theory

    Thursday       9:30-10:30AM 3B Chorus         12-1PM 4B Musical Theatre and Tech

    Daily Expectations for Students

    Attend class meetings on Teams and abide by CB Online Meeting Guidelines found here.  Invitations will be sent with links for each meeting. 

    Check Canvas for assignments and complete and submit them by due dates.  Assignments are posted each week and apply to all classes even if that class doesn't meet due to a school holiday.

    Office Hours

    I will be available following all Teams meetings to stay on for a video discussion and from 10:30-11AM or 1-1:30PM on school days, or by email at johrt@cbsd.org.

    Classroom Tools

    Our classroom will be using Canvas as the primary mode of assigning and collecting work.  Assignment and class related documents may be accessed under Canvas Modeules.


    Canvas and Teams  


    I want to send everyone in the West Choral Community, and beyond, my best wishes as we face current challenges.  

    Please make your physical and mental health your number one priority during this time. 

    Please email me at johrt@cbsd.org if you have any questions or would like feedback on any of the work that you are doing at home. 


    District Distance Learning Page



    Thank you,

    Dr. Joseph Ohrt