Digital Classrooms

  • Welcome to Mrs. Thompson's Distance Learning Page!
    Mrs. Thompson will be available for "office hours" on school days, during normal school hours. She will respond as quickly as possible via her Central Bucks email  ( 
    Learning Resources:
    Additional details on course assignments can be found on each students' art class Canvas page. Students should view and submit their work through that site. Detailed videos, images, digital handouts, and other resources can be found there. Please contact Mrs. Thompson if you have any questions ( 
    Class assignments are due during the class period/timethat students would typically meet for art. 
    Select your class from the list below, to view more detailed assignment information and resources:
    Ceramics II
    Ceramics III
    General Overview: Students will complete activities and artworks, and will submit them on Canvas
    Estimated Time Required: Timelines are provided for each assignment
    Explanation of Activity: Students should complete the assignments in the Modules on Canvas
    Things to Know: 
    1. Follow the directions and prompts on Canvas to complete the assignments
    2. Ask Mrs. Thompson questions, without hesitation
    3. Think like an artist - be creative, problem-solve, & persevere! 
    Tasks: Individual class tasks can be located on students' Canvas page
    Links/Activities: Canvas