• 2020-21

    From Mr. Reilley,

    What I've learned so far... I have more time to "go after" things I've wanted to do well. If you sing or play instruments etc... take this time to go after your dreams of becomming great! Practice, practice, practice!! You now have the opportunity to focus your attention on what makes you happy. Playing and performing my music brings me great joy, satisfaction and peace. Seize the Day!

    Flipgrid is still a great place to share your greatest performances! You also get to see other Groveland kids at their best!! Follow the directions/link and get yourself onto the Groveland "virtual" Stage!! Also, see lyrics and song sheets (scroll way below) for you to perform with. Might be something there to upload to flipgrid!

    flipgrid instructions and login 

    (Check This Out) I created my own performance site for my Groveland Fans! Hope you enjoy!! 


    For MDS students/parents or anybody looking for some interesting online music stuff. Explore all the activities and websites below:

     K and 1st Grade:  Visit https://pbskids.org/games/music/ and make music with your favorite PBS characters. Visit Pinkalicious’ Pink-A-Perfect band and design your own instrument, spin and sing with Daniel Tiger or make music tracks with Martha the dog!  Can’t access this website?  Make a list of songs you know from TV shows.  How many can you sing?

    2nd Grade:  Make your own Music!   Visit http://jamzone.littlekidsrock.org/games/ and create your own rhythm patterns and drum for fun!  Can’t access the website?  Find 3 items in your kitchen and create your own drum set!  Play some music and be the drummer of your very own rock band!

    3rd Grade:  Be an a capella composer!  Visit https://www.incredibox.com/ and click the “Try Web Version” option.  You can choose your performer, and as you drag and drop clothing on him, he will perform different vocal rhythms and patterns.  Layer these sounds and create your own a capella song!  Can’t access the site?  How many different sounds can you make with your voice?  Can you be a drum?  What about a cymbal or guitar?  Make a list of all the different instrument sounds you can make with your voice only!

    4th Grade: Make your own instrument!  We have learned about the String, Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion families, now try to make your own instruments from household items!  Visit https://www.mydso.com/dso-kids/activities/make-your-own-instrument to find out how to make and play homemade instruments.  Don’t have the materials?  Make a list of things around your house that make noise and what family they might belong in if they were an instrument.

    5th Grade:  Ever want to be a Hip Hop star?  Go to http://jamzone.littlekidsrock.org/lessons/?instrument=vocals and take a voice lesson on hip hop!  Can’t access the link?  Write your very own rap about something that you are passionate about. 

    6th Grade:  Let’s explore the world of music tech!  Check out http://jamzone.littlekidsrock.org/lessons/?instrument=tech  to learn how to sample your own music and even use your iPad or Garage Band app on your phone to mix your own music!  Can’t access this link?  Imagine you are in your own band.  What type of music would you play?  Would you be the singer, drummer or something else?  What is your band’s name?  Draw a poster advertising your band, the sky is the limit!

    Below: the following links are songs to learn or practice. 

    Sing/play/upload songs below! Be a Rock Star!!


    The Star Spangled Banner

    Grade 1

    Patriotic Songs Grade 1 I love trash Rubber Duckie Sesame Street Sing

    Grade 2 

    Yellow Submarine Lion King

    Grade 3

    All you need is Love Twist and Shout Get in the Game

    Grade 4

    ObLaDi Hey Jude Fifty States 

    Grade 5

    we the people Help Blackbird Wanted... prayer my life can't go home

    Grade 6

    Revolution Here Comes the Sun Allstar I'm a Believer

    Some piano songs below:

    keyboard songs p1  keyboard songs p2