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    Previous Distanance Learning Activities - Optional Enrichment

    Distance Learning Long Term Projects - 2 Week Duration

    1st and 2nd Grade - Power Up Unit

    We have been learning about the six simple machines.  The inclined plane, screw, wedge, level, wheel and axle, and pulley.  Do a scavenger hunt around your house looking for examples of each simple machine.  Take pictures of the different things you found and teach someone in your house about simple machines using the pictures.

    When two or more of these machines come together it forms a compound machine.  Your job is to use cardboard, containers, duct tape, and/or other disposable materials to build a compound of your machine that has working simple machines within it.  It should be a tool that you can use to do work.  Maybe this tool has a wheel that spins and a level that swings back and forth.  This makes it a compound machine.  Be creative, and have fun.  You can even decorate your machine.  You can make a video of yourself with the machine you built and share it through email for me to share to the group.  


    3rd Grade - Games Unit

    Board Games - Are there any board games at your house that you could teach us about?  Create a tutorial for a board game that explains a game and how the game is played.  Not only should you show how it is played, but you could teach us a winning strategy, you can tell good and bad things about the game.  Need more?  Create a variation to the game by changing rules, themes, and/or components to make it even better.


    4th Grade - Continue with the Invention Machine.  Engineers work on your prototype and Marketers build up your brand.  Use email to communicate with your partners and include me on your email communications.


    5th and 6th Grade - Taking initiative

    Take the Initiative Teams:  Were you in the middle of working on a Power Point to get approval from the principal?  You may finish.  Use your One Note and email to communicate with one another about what you could do to keep your project going if at all possible.  If you feel that you took it as far as you can go before getting approval, you should complete the part that says All below and work on an individual project. 

    Robotics Teams:  Use some time to explore the designer's toolkit in the Make It Your Mission interface.  You may have had split up the work and missed important tips and ideas that are provided in the toolkit.  Take the time to explore the tool kit and take notes.  Type up an email to your team of ideas that you have towards the design of your robot.  Include me on the email.  If you finish you may complete the proejct below.

    All Students:  In class we have been talking about taking the initiative and starting something that you feel is important to start.  We don't need to wait for things to happen.  We need to make them happen.  Since you are at home, this is a chance to take initiatives around your own house.  Have you been wanting to do an at home project?  Initiate it.  How about starting up a family tradition that you can all enjoy together?  Initiate it.  Is there something you wanted to learn or practice?  Initiate it.  Record your progress along the way and be ready to share what you accomplished by taking initiative.  It would be awesome if you could put a short video together.