• Food and Agriculture
    Day 1 Friday 1/17/209
    Why Your Diet Matters
    Solar Cooker Assignment
    Virtual Agriculture

    HW: Solar Cooker and Writeup on your Carrot Harvest
    Day 2 Tuesday 1/21/20
    Solar Cooker Assignment (Research and Planning Complete)
    Virtual Agriculture
    Food Scavenger Hunt
    HW: All Solar Cooker Material due tomorrow/ Carrot Harvest/Food Scavenger Hunt
    Day 3 Wednesday 1/22/20
    Solar Cooker Construction and Testing
    The Biggest Little Farm
    HW: Any new material needed to improve cooker?/Carrot Harvest/Food Scavenger Hunt

    Day 4 Thursday 1/23/20

    Solar Cooker Tweeks
    The Biggest Little Farm
    HW: Dress to go outside tomorrow, solar cooker competition/Carott Harvest/Food Scavenger Hunt


    Day 5 Friday 1/24/20

    Solar Cooker Competition
    Food Scavenger Hunt

    HW: Food Unit Pack


    Food Unit Pack
    1. Virtual Farming
    2. Biggest Little Farm
    3. Food Scavenger Hunt
    Day 6 Monday 1/27/20
    All work for Food Unit Pack due at end of class