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    (Please note the Second Chance Learning Policies Below...)

    Second Chance Learning Guidelines-Social Studies

    What assignments/assessments are students able to retake?

    Second chance learning opportunities will be offered to students on the following three items: district core assessments, tests and quizzes.

    What score would “trigger” a second chance learning opportunity?

    Second chance learning opportunities would be available to students who score below a 70% (69% or below) on a test, or quiz.  Students will have an unlimited amount of opportunities to retake a district core assessment, regardless of score.

    How many times are the students able to retake the assessment?

    According to the district core assessment policy, students will be allowed to retake a core assessment as many times as they choose, receiving the highest score achieved.

    For test and quizzes, students will be given one opportunity for a retake.

    What is the highest score a student can attain following a second chance opportunity?

    According to the district core assessment policy, students will receive the highest score that they receive on any and all retakes on a district core assessment.

    On tests and quizzes, students can receive up to a 70% maximum score.

    Describe how the intervention/re-teaching that will take place:

    On all potential retakes (core assessment, test, quiz), the opportunity for retakes will be available and will consist of a student initiated request for a retake. The teacher and student will then discuss any guidelines and parameters for retaking the assessment, such as the terms for completion as well as a timetable for completion. This meeting will determine any concerns or difficulties that the student may have, clarify any content that needs to be retaught or addressed. This meeting will also cover any assignment or work that needs to be completed prior to a retake. In most cases, students will be limited to complete a 2nd chance learning opportunity within ten days. *

    Provide some examples of how the second chance assessment will differ from the original.

    Depending on the assessment, second chance learning opportunities may be different or may be identical to the original assessment. Some core assessments have alternate versions while others do not. For tests and quizzes, teacher discretion will dictate the practicality of alternate versions of an assessment. For instance, terms quizzes may not necessitate alternative versions and may not be practical for implementation purposes, whereas short answer or oral assessments may.

    *The purpose of the 10 day limit on the redo is for students to learn the information needed to reach proficiency and not procrastinate on completing the assignment. However, extenuating circumstances may require that students have more than 10 days to reach the proficiency.