• The centerpiece of our new unit, "Through the Eyes of a Child" is the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird

    For some students, the vocabulary and syntax in this book can be challenging.  If you find that your child is struggling with keeping up with assignments or comprehending the text, here are a few tips to try:


    1. Acquire or borrow a copy of the Audiobook for To Kill a Mockingbird.  Hearing the proper intonations in the text while they follow along in the reading can contrbiute to better comprehension.  Having fixed lengths to the tracks can improve progress through the text.  And research shows that listening while reading along on the page helps improve fluency for readers. Audiobooks also allows students to pause and annotate their text. If you have never used www.audible.com you can sign up for a free trial and get TKAM for free to download to a phone or computer, then cancel after it's downloaded.  You can also get CD or a downloadable audiobook version of TKAM from Bucks County Library with a library card.  There are some free versions on YouTube but these do not tend to be the same professional quality as those described above, which are read by Oscar-winner Sissy Spacek. 


    2. Buy your own copy of TKAM.  Writing in the margins and annoating questions to bring up in class can help students to comprehend the text better and keep their attention on more challenging passages.  Plus, this is excellent practice for college-level study of the text.  I do have a few used copies in class available for free . . . the only catach is that the pagination will not match the version most of us are using, which can present a challenge in class.  The best version to buy if you are looking to buy is the Haprer Perennial version 323 pages long.  This is the primary paperback version available in bookstores today.  


    3. Ask questions!  This book invites us to wrestle with many difficult topics, and asking clarifying questions in class, via email, or after a class discussion is the mark of a strong student.  I remind students of this in class, but please reinforce this at home too.  


    Thank you for your support as we read To Kill a Mockingbird in English 9!



    Reading Schedule 2019 (Modified 10/24/19)


    Ch 1 in class on Tuesday 10/8

    Ch 2-3 (p 35) for Friday 10/11

    Ch 4-5 (p 55) for Monday 10/14

    Ch 6-7 (p 71) for Tuesday 10/15

    Ch 8 (p 84) for Wednesday 10/16

    Ch 9 (p 101) for Thursday 10/17

    Ch 10-11 (p 128) for Friday 10/18

    Ch 12 (p 143 ) for Monday 10/21

    Ch 13-14 (p 163) for Tuesday 10/22

    Ch 15-16 (p 188)  for Wednesday 10/23

    Ch 18  (p 215) for Monday 10/28

    Ch 19-24 p 271 – Wednesday 11/6

    Ch 25-27 p 291 – Thursday 11/7

    Ch 28--31 p 323 – Monday 11/11