• Chapter 1 Review

    Students will be completing this online assignment in class prior to their Chapter 1 Test. However, for those that wish to get extra practice, they can complete the assignment at home as well. There is no limit to how many times the students can complete the assignment. Because the questions are in a multiple choice format, I encourage to try and avoid "memorizing" answers for particular questions. They should be able to show their work /  explain how they got their answer for each problem. 

    Follow the steps below to access the online review assignment. 

    1st - Go to this website - https://quizizz.com/join/

    2nd - Type in this code - 296053

  • Chapter 1 Study Guide

    The link below contains a study guide for the chapter 1 test. The study guide includes all core math skills that will be tested as well as examples / hints to help refresh students' memories on what they learned in class. 

    Chapter 1 Study Guide