• Water Resources and Pollution

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    Day 1 Tuesday 9/24/19

    I will identify limiatations of our freshwater supply.   

    Finish Survivor Videos (if needed)
    Return Packs
    Notes: Water Resources, Compartments and Availability
    Activity: Water Use Survey
    HW: Fix pack if needed



    Day 2 Wednesday 9/25/19

    I will evaluate the sustainabilty of bottled vs. tap water

    Finish Water Use Survey
    Notes: Freshwater shortages, Increasing Water Supplies
    Reading: Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

    HW: Finish Water Use Survey


    Day 3 Thursday 9/26/19

    I will identify conservation methods of water resources

    Notes: Water Mgmt and Conservation
    Finish Bottled Water vs. Tap Water and discuss
    Notes: Water Pollution
    Preview MacroInvertebrate Lab

    HW: Finish Bottled Water vs. Tap Reading; Dress to go outside and get wet tomorrow!



    Day 4 Friday 9/27/19

    I will measure stream health through the macroinvertebrate lab.

    Macroinvertebrate Lab
    HW: None


    Day 5 Tuesday 10/1/19
    I will view a film of groundwater contamination

    Finish Tap vs. Bottled Water Article
    Notes: Water Quality Today
    Movie: A Civil Action 
    HW: Bring in a Two LIter Plastic Conainer


    Day 6 Wednesday 10/2/19

    I will view a film of groundwater contamination

    Movie: A Civil Action 
    HW: Bring in a Two LIter Plastic Conainer


    Day 7 Thursday 10/3/19

    I will analyze DO in an estuary.

    FInish Movie 
    Notes: Finish Water Pollution
    HW: Plastic Containers


    Day 8 Friday 10/4/19

    Notes: Finish Water Pollution
    Review: Water Pollutioninoes
    Case Study Debate: Living Downstream 

    HW: Plastic Containers


    Day 9 Monday 10/7/19

    Case Study Debate: Living Downstream; Research and Document your arguments 

    HW: Practice your arguments


    Day 10 Tuesday 10/8/19

    Case Study Debate: Living Downstream
    Introduce Water Unit Challenge



    Day 11 Thursday 10/10/19

    Casey Study Debate Finish
    Water Unit Challenge
    Reflection on Write up

    HW: Make sure Water Pack is Complete


    Day 12 Friday 10/11/19

    Turn in Current Events
    Finish Water Filtration Challenge
    Begin Habitat Destruction Notes

    HW: None, if pack is complete


    Water Rescources and Pollution
    1. Water Use Survey
    2. Student Notes
    3. Bottled Water vs. Tap Water
    4. Macroinvertebrate Stream Lab
    6. A Civil Action
    7. Water Pollutionoes
    8. Atrozine Team Debate Notes
    9. Current Events