• August 21, 2023

    Dear Fifth Graders,

    Welcome to Room 210! I am so thrilled to be your 5th grade teacher. I hope this letter finds you either on vacation or in total-relaxation mode since it is still the summer, and you have two more weeks until you have to start setting a wake-up alarm and we get into back-to-school mode.

    While I am enjoying my summer and the time to recharge and reenergize myself, I am also getting so excited about being back at Titus and beginning my 19th year of teaching! My journey at Titus started with 7 years in 5th grade, and then 7 years in 4th grade, and now I’m back in 5th grade for the fifth year in a row.

    For the start of this school year, my main goal will be to create a welcoming classroom community where every student feels like they belong and are part of their “school family.”  Together we will establish classroom rules and expectations using the Titus Paws for PRIDE values (Pride, Respect, Individual Responsibility, Determination, and Empathy) to guide us. I want you all to feel safe and happy and motivated so you will put forth your best effort as you enter the classroom each day.

    Hey fifth graders, don’t forget to keep reading over the summer!  I hope that you signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge – that is a great way to get ready for fifth grade!  I’d love to hear about any books you read and loved – I can always use some recommendations for our classroom library.

    If you get a chance, please email me before the start of the school year to say hello and let me know any fun things you did this summer or are going to do before the first day of school.  You can also email me any questions you have about 5th grade.

    I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I did. I just got back from a wonderful vacation in Cambridge, Maryland with my family where we rented a house right on a lake and enjoyed beautiful sunsets from the house’s dock each evening. I spent most of the summer at home relaxing with my three dogs, reading (I read 7 books this summer!), and seeing friends and family.

    It is going to be a great year and I am excited to learn what is important to you and how you learn best. I look forward to meeting you and being your teacher this year in 5th grade. Soak up your final weeks of summer and I’ll see you on Tuesday, September 5th  for your first day of 5th grade!

    Warmest regards,

    Mrs. London