• Welcome to Conceptual Chemistry!

    We will be making use of canvas for most of our class.  There will sometimes be surveys on this site as well.


    Periodic Trends Activity: Open both files

    Excel Data

    Word File

    NOTE: You will only be submitting the completed word document in Canvas


    Extra Credit Opportunity: add up to 10% to the last Unit test of the marking period; given on Friday, November 1st.

    Due Friday, November 1st before class starts.  Only submit via email to bbreish@cbsd.org.  No late submissions will be given credit.

    Listen to this 20 minute podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r0c_1SfU8o&t=46s

    Type a 1-2 page, reflection on what you heard.


    -1-2 pages double spaced

    -12 foint font

    -Times New Roman typeface


         -Something about chemical bonding from the podcast

         -Something good he did

         -Something bad he did

         -Your overall feeling about Fritz Haber